TAMING THE MANE:A guide to Perfect Bantu knots

So last week  a friend I hadn’t seen for 10years called me. I met up with her at a coffee house in town and somehow bonding began. Our conversation was the therapy I had been looking for the entire half year, I found out. We were literally swimming in coffee and laughing the whole time. It still baffles me that we did too much laughing the entire evening that the foodie in me left a whole forest cake untouched. It was all rosy until the hair topic came up. “How do you manage to keep your hair in place?” she asked. “I can’t even remember the last time I saw my hair pretty, ” she continued. She went ahead and confessed to me how much she hated her hair & that she even planned to shave as the hair wasn’t really cooperating. I promised my friend that I’d show her how to go about styling her natural hair at home and get her sexy back. So this post is all about Bantu knots;a simple yet gorgeous natural hairdo. 

What you’ll need. 

Coconut oil, spray bottle, water, wooden comb, honey, hair pins,leave in conditioner,curling butter ,hair clips 
1. Once you’ve washed your hair (usually with a parabene & sulfate free shampoo),apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner & then wrap it with a cotton clothing for it to dry. 

2. Put the coconut oil, honey & water in the spray bottle and shake to form a mixture you’ll use in making the knots as the hair dries. 

3. When the hair has dried, section it into four using your wooden comb and hold them in place with the hair clips  for easier braiding. I prefer a wooden comb as it’s gentle on hair. 

4. Starting with the first section, divide the hair into a smaller portion;depending on how big/small you want the knots to be.

5. Using the spray bottle, apply the coconut oil mixture to the length of your hair followed by the curling butter and then applying the double strand twist method, twist the hair to form natural hair twists.

6. Once the twist is formed, roll the hair from the base till the whole twist runs out to form a spiral knot. This is the Bantu knot. Put the knot in place with the hair pins. 

7. Repeat steps 5&6 till you’re done with the whole head. 

This way you’ll have nice Bantu knots from the comfort of your home. 

You can also take down the knots by applying some oil on the tips of your fingers (this helps reduce hair frizz)and roll out the knots in an anticlockwise direction  like someone opening a bottle. This results in  very lovely curls or otherwise known as Bantu knotouts

So go ahead ladies, try this and see how amazing it turns out! 


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