This man, my dad

​(Funny how time flies. I can’t believe I wrote this over a year ago…

Dear dad,

Your scars tell my story. You have taught me not to quit because you feel am too legit each passing day. You’ve taught me to act like the lady I’ve grown to become, the need to stay positive and to go for what I want no matter what. Because of you,mine has been like a scene in a movie as I’ve always had your back through thick and thin in these amazing several years of my life. I’ll not wait till You die that I May make your death greater than the life you lived in telling how much I loved you. That will be quite unfair. I’ll forever be indebted to you for the love you unreservedly showed me. What else could a girl ask for from her father. You were and still is the best man I’ve met my whole life,My bosom friend.

I remember my childhood days when you’d take several days off from work and take me with you for vacation so we’d have an alone time together,swimming, biking and fishing. Just the two of us. I loved how you were in quick collecting me whenever I fell off the bike ensuring I got no single bruise. This made me even stronger because it showed me how much I meant to you. The bedtime ‘talks’ we used to have back then remain one of a kind as you’d give me an ear though I had nothing weighty to say thus making me feel all special. I remember with nostalgia how you’d kiss me in the forehead in my hospital bed and tell me I’ll get well during my sick days. Even through the strong voice you uttered those words I’d see it in your eyes that you were hurting for me,only that you wouldn’t tear because that would break my heart. These,now memoirs,make me miss my childhood and they’ll forever have a soft spot in my heart.

When teenage came knocking, you made sure you were there for me. All the buzz about boys was a different thing altogether to me. You took the responsibility of showing me the way. Am glad you made me know the other side of men most girls don’t. You’re also one father who did not shy away from talking to her daughter about sex and love life unlike most fathers I know. “Honey,these boys you see around are just a bunch of liars. None of them will love you like daddy does,” you would say. And true to your words, none Is compared to you,father. The echoes of love you show me are unique in their way. It’s for this and much more will I remain indebted to you My whole life.

Thank you for investing in me as far as my language is concerned. Today,I do not have to deal with unnecessary jargons in my communication as you had that fixed long time ago by taking me to a good elementary school that had my language shaped.

We might have had our share of bad times,But those only made us bolder and drew us closer to each other. I detested those times when you’d scold or beat me up for fear that I was becoming a bad child,now I realize you only wanted the best for me.

Even at adulthood , you still remain my best friend forever. It warms my heart that in me you see a superwoman,a soul you can trust with anything you wouldn’t confide to anyone else. Honestly, I owe the happiness of my life to you.It’s only in you do I find solace those days everyone isn’t there for me. It’s only in you do I get expert advice about anything because I’ve always believed You can never be wrong,even with your flaws. It’s only in you will I continue confiding regardless of people referring to that as ‘out of place’. Who cares anyway,You’re my dad and there can never be secrets between us. 

I’ve always told you I love you,and will never tire to tell you that over and over because I love you very much dad.

Xx, Azhic. 

Thank you for finding time to stop by my blog again today, loves. And Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads across the world and in heaven. Celebrate the old men in your lives a littu more this weekend.
Love & light 💞💞 


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