Earlier this week one of my favourite authors and international motivational speaker,Pepe Minambo, dropped by my school courtesy of Kenya Commercial Bank, Luanda Branch. I was so excited when I learnt of his coming and couldn’t wait for his maiden talk here:heavens know how I’d been craving his nuggets of wisdom. During the two hour talk on the evening of Wednesday I learnt a lot and it would only be fair if I shared it with you:

  • On failure & success 

Successful people are those that think and sadly they only consist of 5% of the world population.Failure is predictable and so is success. You’ll smell it miles away when you’re failing the same way you have that bubbly feeling when you know you’re treading the path of success. . Success is a portion for those who work smart and know what they want in life,hence you have no option but work if you are to succeed. 

  • On being aggressive 

The world will NEVER give you what you deserve, it gives you what you negotiate for. Go out there and claim what’s yours. Don’t just sit at home and expect the degree certificate you have from the university to get you a job. You ought to be an aggressive person who isn’t afraid to go get what he/she wants. There’s power in negotiating. 

  • On being smart

The world is changing and thus you must be smart. You gotta have a third eye. Analyse situations from angles unique to only you. You should strive to have a refined kind of thinking. These will not only help you be someone in the future but also make you competitive. Always be abreast with the current changes in the world today. Above all; be wise.

  • On must haves

Never lack God and money. God will guide you in making the right decisions as well as giving you the desires of your heart. With him nothing will scare or hinder you from achieving what you’ve always wanted. He will be there for you every step of the way. Money on the other hand will make things easier for you. Have you ever seen a penniless happy man? I bet you haven’t. So why don’t you go out there and look for that little money that will help you meet your essential needs and keep shine on that face! 

Ps:If you haven’t read his current book,Beyond Limits, then you’re missing out on a whole lot of things. 

Once again,thanks for finding time to check in loves! Remember to always share.


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