Happy Birthday, Shiko Karugo

It’s quarter to ten in the night, 5/10/16 where I am. . Counting hours till you turn a year older. Here I am in the company of my all time favourite mug of coffee (no better way to beat the October cold), writing this article as I wait for that midnight alarm to wish you a Happy Birthday. Fingers crossed;hoping that become the first one to do it, after Mary of course.

Crazy how time flies, remember when we first met at House 60 eight months ago? Those days you’d call me Aziz before you actually got a hang of Azhic? And the day we instantly clicked when you learnt of my being a writer and totally fell in love with my pieces of work? I didn’t know we’d be such friends as we’re right now. For believing in me and pushing me to write always, ASANTE SANA! And today on your birthday, I want the whole world to know just how much you’re loved.
Dear Shiko,
Never in my life have I come across an overly gracious soul until I met you and I’m not surprised even your name shouts it, Grace. Words and long blog posts not enough to explain just how much I wish to thank you for being such a darling for the period of time I’ve known you. It’s my prayer that you find happiness as you become gracious to more and more people daily. Being your birthday I’d love to wish you nothing but love,light and greatness in the years to come.May these and more good things  be your portion daily. And to the grace you show me and every other person out there, nothing noble goes unrewarded.
Being a Thursday, lemme throw it back to my top five memoirs of the good old days we had back then;
1. Of Bantu knots and our big big hairs 😂😂. The big hair is a ‘Grace’ thing.
2. Never ending evening stories that ran through the night. I must admit that I enjoyed every bit of them and I can’t wait for more.
3. Our several similarities from being namesakes to our relationships expectations and all those others I wouldn’t put here.
4. The expression on your face after reading my pieces of work. Seeing you express your love for them writings made me so bubbly in the inside.
5. This one should be number one but hey, the ‘Azhic, when’s your blog getting back?” was everything. Number one fan,whenever I’m working on a story here that phrase rings in mind. Thanks for the constant reminder. I owe you big time for this.
I hope you enjoy yourself so much today and that you continue enjoying my work throughout the several years God will give you. I’d have loved to come spend this day with you doing all the things you love but I gotta study. I’ll make it up to you. After all, what are friends for? I’d go on and on talking about us but again, I’d rather call you and tell you them in person. Thank you for being the real deal. To good health,longer hair, more grace and healthy friendship.



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