Campus relationships are pointless, overrated and a waste of time

Earlier this week, I came across a tweet on my feed that was confirming the coming of a number of media practitioners from one of the leading and my most preferred media house in the country,Kenya, to my school. The fact that my favourite television host was going to be the host of the event where we’d get to be taught about diverse opportunities in the digital front made my excitement get to a whole new level 😂😂. But before they’d be here, they sought to know our opinions on campus dating and that’s how this article came to being.

So you first met them at the school’s graduation square pavilion after class. They looked gorgeous in the matching black attires they were spotting and you thought to yourself that they actually make an amazing pair. You kind of found it hard to get your eyes off them and whenever your eyes met, you’d successfully pretend to be looking at the old chair sitting next to them. You weren’t sure if complimenting them would be the right move and so you let them go hoping against hope to see them again so you could tell them just how good a couple they looked.
It’s barely a month now since they started dating and everything is falling apart. You don’t understand what happened to their relationship. He’s lost. She’s lost. The love they shared disappeared the very day they gave each other to themselves. But it’s okay, so you think. Cause this is campus and when one flame dies away, one can always hop to the other one that’s still burning.


I write this piece today a broken girl. The dating scene in our varsities today is nothing to smile about. The very relationships that once led to marriages have been reduced to nothing but a pool of tolerance for one another. I no longer see the need of dating whatsoever.
Most of the relationships in the university are about sex, something which is a no for me. I know of several people who’ve stayed in a relationship just for the benefits they reap and nothing more. They’ll pretend to be okay out there, thanks to social media, but deep inside it’s a different story; Pain.
It’s at this point when you realize that there’s the real deal and then there’s the hullabaloo that’s campus relationships.

Waste of time

The University is that point in one’s life when dating is the in thing. It’s here that everyone craves for that love they’ve been looking for their whole life. Everyone wants to know how it feels dating the right person and being wanted.
Most campus goers have mastered the art of pretending to be those lovers you’ve been dreaming of all your life. You’ll forgive me for being judgmental and acting like the saint I’m not, but hey, campus relationships are a waste of time. I mean what is the point of pursuing that poor soul when you knew very well that it isn’t going to be a long term thing? Why would you want to have ten plus boyfriends and still claim you’re loyal. Save me some slack, stop wasting your time dating in campus.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you for dropping by! 😘😘


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