Tales of my teenage years 

​It’s now official that my favourite month of the year is here with us, that time of the year again when I  turn a year older and get to freely drool over those sexy beards men will be rocking in town, thanks to Prostate cancer awareness campaign. Hello beautiful,November. 

So this year’s November is going to be a tad bit different on my side and I’m all sorts of happy about it. For that, in this blog post today for instance, I basically want talk about my teenage life; the highs, the lows and most importantly the lessons cause in twelve days I’ll be a teenager no more. 

Now, ladies & gentlemen grab your pop corn jars, put on those fuzzy socks and get ready to read the longest and most boring piece of writing yet. 

  • Healthy friendships and cultivating my circles 

A better part of my teen life was spent in high school between the ages of thirteen & seventeen. Nothing fancy happened during this period. All I’d do was eat, study and put up with some really tough system school put us through especially in the late high school years. Those that were with me in the Same school can attest to this. Seventeen proved to be the most difficult phase in my teenage life. If I were to die then it’s here that y’all would have eulogised me. A lot happened and I didn’t imagine I could handle all of it as I had so much on my plate. By God’s grace though all these came to pass: I cleared high school and got enrolled at a culinary college ,something I’d always been passionate about, barely a month after high school.

My ‘A-ha’ moment during this time has to be clearing school. It was tiring and demanding at the same time and I couldn’t be happier I was done with all of that.

One thing I learnt during these years is the importance of healthy friendships and cultivating my circles. Unlike the friends I met after leaving high school,the ones I made in high school have supportively been by my side six solid years later. Pushing me to exploit my full potential each passing day and I really thank God for bringing them my way. I hope to get hold of them all some day and there I’ll let them know just how vital a pillar they’ve been in my life. 

  • Eighteen is for confusion with a tinge of self reinvention 

Every teenager wants to be eighteen and I was no exception. I was so excited when I finally turned eighteen. It was the best time of my life and the fact that I was adulting* kind of gave me all sorts of feelings there ever existed. I didn’t quite understand what adulthood or better yet being eighteen meant at first. Then confusion came knocking on my door. I was  ‘burdened’,afraid I wasn’t going to be daddy’s girl anymore and for a month or so I loathed my new age. But amidst all these, something new was cooking inside. I’d often been this introverted girl who couldn’t keep up with a five minute conversation with new people. The only time I enjoyed meeting and interacting with them was in the numerous books I read. Somewhere along the way this changed as reinvention happened. The shy and introverted Azhic was no more. I finally found my other amazing side that had been missing all these while. 

Lesson; don’t be too hard on change. It’s inevitable. 

  • Independent nineteen 

So here I was in my  last year of teenage,crazy how time flies. “If you haven’t been doing something constructive with your life throughout your teen years then nineteen is the time to compensate for all that cause once you turn twenty your life changes forever,” my mama always reminded me. This statement kept ringing in my mind every single day I woke up considering the fact that I’d been the most useless teenager I knew and so I had no choice but step up my game. I yearned to do something I’d look back at some time in the future and want to go back to my nineteen year old self. It’s at this point in time that my farming project came to being. (Most y’all will be shocked on reading this but hey, I’m an amateur farmer) With the help of my dad I leased a piece of land somewhere upcountry and cultivated groundnuts. One day while tending to the groundnuts, my first job came knocking. Words can’t describe how happy I was at the moment. Blessings came my way in double portions and I  couldn’t be more grateful to God.   I knew I was somewhere close to being independent. Finally, all the sheer hard work payed and my prayers answered. Although this was the highlight of my teens, It wasn’t a walk in the park as it may look. Nineteen had it’s fair share of challenges too. I lost people and things  that I couldn’t imagine living without as they had literally become part of me. Later, I’d find out that this was bound to happen for me to develop a  thick skin and learn the hard way. 

Get out of your comfort zone,don’t be afraid to grab opportunities that come your way when you’re still young,and trust nobody, nineteen taught me. 

One regret I have is not learning how to make chapatis when I had all the time at my disposal as a teenager. That aside, I’m one girl who  enjoyed being a teen and I wouldn’t mind going back to being one. I learnt. Grew. And embraced change in all dimensions. 

Happy Birthday to me in advance. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Thank you for checking in.



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