My Go To hairdos for the holidays 

The festive season is once again here with us. It’s that time of the year that dinner and brunch parties are the order of the day literally everywhere. We all can’t wait for the office end year party so we can go on holiday in the places we’ve been saving for all year long. There’s also  the other side of the divide looking forward to going upcountry to reunite with their families and friends after such an engaging year. 

While we’re happy about festivities and the good times we’re gonna have, we tend to forget that our hair needs us more during this time. The fact that no one’s going to work /school makes us not pay more attention to our hair. I, for one, has always overlooked my hair during this period and the best I ever did was hide them away in braids but not any more.

 Since walking to the salon all the time is draining and changing hairstylists can be disastrous sometimes,Personally, I wouldn’t get my hair braided elsewhere if not at my regular stylist’s place cause of the break outs I get anytime a foreign hand manipulates my mane. 

So this blog post today is dedicated to taking you through the hairstyles that work for me when I’m out there having fun during the holidays and you too can try them out.

  • Cornrows

People back at my grandma’s  refer to them as Obama Lines. This one had to top the list as its one of  my all time  favorite hairstyles. (Ps: I’ve been doing different cornrow designs for the past three months and I still can’t get enough of them). They come in varied styles, ranging from the ones that go straight to the back of the head to those that meet at the centre of the head. My love for cornrows basically comes from  it’s minimal manipulative nature and the fact that It’s  a great protective style. 

If you’re looking forward to holidaying away from your hairstylist then you should consider this style as it lasts for up to more than  two weeks and you wouldn’t have to worry about your mane while in the waters swimming as the cornrows will have them safely tucked away . The secret lies in finding someone who does them really well and you’re good to go. 

So go ahead and try this, ladies. 

  • Bantu knots / knot outs

So you’ve undone your hair and you can’t figure out what to do with it? Worry not cause Bantu knots got you covered. Bantu knots  is a hairstyle achieved by twisting freshly washed natural/relaxed hair and rolling it to form a knot,using a curling cream, of course. When unravelled, the results are kick ass defined curls that will leave people wishing they’d hire your head even for a day 😂.

And what’s even more amazing about this is that you can do it on your own at home without necessarily having to involve your hairstylist. 

One can choose walk around with the knots and if you’re not Daring enough, you can never  go wrong with the knot outs
Read about how I achieved my Bantu knots here, I hope it helps you find your way home to even more amazing curls. 

  • Braidouts 

Ditch the weaves and the wigs this holiday season and flaunt those gorgeous  tresses you’ve been hiding all year long. Yes, cause there’s something about natural hair that screams, ‘I’m fabulous’😂 

Braidouts are  easy to achieve and also aren’t stressful in terms of styling. The one thing I love about braidouts is the fact that I install three strand twists when going to bed in the night and undo them in the morning to be met with cuuurrls more beautiful than I expected.

You gotta keep the moisture in check as with the braidouts the hair is more exposed to the harsh elements such as the sun and wind that leave the hair thirsty often. Carry that moisturizer everywhere you go, ladies. Your hair will need constant moisturizing. 

You could use a head scarf while styling to give the braid outs a more beautiful look. 

  • Natural hair bun 

Lastly, let’s sample my lazy day hairdo-buns. This is the easiest style  to do as it only involves detangling one’s hair, combing it and carefully holding the hair in a bun. 

My favourite bun style is pussy cat that’s achieved by  sectioning the hair in two equal parts and holding them up in two buns on the left and right sides of the head.

Not only does this style make you look ten years younger but also leaves you looking so gorgeous. The other amazing thing about these buns is the fact that they help protect the weak ends of  the hair from breakage by safely hiding them. 

I hope this article in a way helps you achieve very beautiful hair looks this season, loves. Kindly let me know how you find the various styles in the comments section. 

Till next time, 

Happy festivities and thank you for dropping by!💕



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