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My Marini story 

Hello and happy 2017, loves. Thank you for being here & keeping tabs on me  in the past year. Bless you many!  I hope you all are already having  a wonderful year just like I am. 

Well, like I’ve been saying in the past year, 2017 is my serious hair care year. And looks like God heard my prayer and really wanted it to happen as I much as I did cause my favourite local hair care brand,Marini Naturals, came through and gifted me a bottle of their potent hair growth oil and a shopping voucher that would see me add more of their products to my bathroom sink last Christmas. I couldn’t ask for a better way to start my journey to nappy hair. 

I had only used their curl me pretty  curling butter earlier  that was so good to my hair (it’s the curling butter that made my hair look so bomb the whole of last December BTW) but I was rather skeptical about changing my shampoo and conditioner cause last time I did that,all the tresses ended up on the floor, yes, I chopped them cause the product I used backfired big time. 

 So when more of Marini came my way through the #MarinifiedChristmas gift hamper that was a perfect chance for me to overcome my skepticism. For the first time I gambled with my hair of all things. I thought to myself that I’d give the shampoo and conditioner a try and in case they let me down then I’d confidently walk down the BC road 😂😂.

It’s been three weeks of using Marini’s shampoo and the leave-in conditioner and   I come bearing news of good results and an equally beautiful hair. 

I have never done product reviews here on the blog but for Marini I will give credit where it’s due. Below is my Marini story; a review of kind cleanse sulfate free shampoo,and goodbye tangles leave-in conditioner-my new favs from the Marini Naturals range of hair products. 

  • Kind cleanse sulfate free shampoo 

Just like the name suggests, this shampoo contains no sulfates and therefore totally harmless to the hair. Unlike most shampoos I’ve used before this one was lighter with an amazing scent, thanks to the sweet orange extract present in it, that left my hair so fresh and softer. Never have I been able to freely run my fingers through my thick 4C hair after a wash until I met Marini’s kind cleanse sulfate free shampoo, It’s super slip characteristic is everything. 

the shampoo contains tea tree oil as well that promotes a healthy scalp and hair by eliminating dandruff.

Besides thoroughly cleansing your hair, this shampoo also doubles as an amazing conditioner thus keeping the hard to deal with tangles at bay. Imagine combing the hair effortlessly after a wash without no drop of conditioner in the hair, that’s Marini’s shampoo for you. As if that’s not enough, the shampoo contains tea tree oil as well that promotes a healthy scalp and hair by eliminating dandruff.
You also got to love the fact that the product is fairly priced with a bottle of 250ml retailing  at Ksh 850 only.

Kind cleanse sulfate free shampoo is a product I’d recommend to anyone because: it’s a local brand, buy Kenya build Kenya 😊 ,it contains no parabens or sulfates, the ease of hair manipulation one gets after using it and the fact that it leaves one’s hair smelling so good.

  • Goodbye tangles Leave-in Conditioner 

The content of this  little bottle of magic is not your ordinary conditioner. Ladened with flax seed gel and shear butter, the leave-in conditioner immediately melted the knots that remained in my hair after the wash just like the curling butter normally curls the hair minutes on coming in contact with it. My very tough hair also became softer than I expected. What I found more amazing about this leave-in conditioner is it’s ability to both condition and detangle the hair at a go,for me that was quite everything. 

This is an amazing product you can trust with your hair. 

Did I mention that my hair was smelling so chocolaty when I came out of the bathroom? Yes, the conditioner contains vanilla extract that makes the hair smell so yum 😋 and for a moment my mom thought  that I had hidden in the bathroom so I’d feast on ice cream all alone😂😂.
Just like the shampoo a bottle of 250ml retails at Ksh 850 only. 

If you’re looking forward to saying goodbye to stubborn knots and tangles instantly,then goodbye tangles leave-in conditioner is the way to go. This is an amazing product you can trust with your hair. 

In as much as I totally love the shampoo & leave-in conditioner, the one thing that Marini needs to do about the products is incorporate larger capacities of the same, like say a litre cause walking to the stores often is quite cumbersome, and also sometimes one might be a little lazy to wash the hair at home and carry the shampoo to the salon only for half of it to be used for a single wash. 

Thank you again for checking in, loves! 

Keep it here for the next blog post is about a product that has really held it down for me big time from Marini Naturals, and pictures of my hair after Marini came on board. 

You can also follow me on instagram @azhic_ where you’ll get to see my hair journey so far in pictures and instagram stories. 

Till next time, Bless!


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