DIY: Aloe vera leaf gel/juice

All this time I didn’t know Aloe barbadensis, commonly referred to as aloe vera, could survive in cold areas. So when I came across an aloe plant in the woods not so long ago, I was shocked & excited at the same time . At first I thought it could be a plant that resembled aloe or maybe it could be an highlands aloe (never mind, I had never seen an aloe before)  😂😂.

    I quickly took some leaves and also a uprooted a younger one that I’d plant if my dad confirmed that the plant was indeed aloe vera. Got home and voila! The plant I was carrying was aloe vera. Finally, I got the desert goddess I’d been dying to find. What’s more, my dad had already planted two of the same plants in the backyard and they were all so grown. I was so happy. Now it was time all those dreams of DIYs came to pass,with all these plants around what more could I ask for? 

    For a start, I did aloe vera leaf juice and gel(heavens know how I’ve been breaking the bank for these products). Most naturalistas will agree with me here, the slip that comes with the aloe Vera leaf gel is one to die for. And I also noticed that Most detanglers I use incorporate it in their ingredients for the extra slip. 

    Let’s find out how I made my juice and gel, shall we? 

    What you’ll need:

    4  fresh Aloe vera leaves

    A knife 

    A clean bowl 

    One clean spoon

    A blender/ A pestle & mortar 


    1. Carefully wash your aloe leaves to get rid of the dirt that might be on it. 
    2. Using your knife, carefully remove the thorns on the sides of the leaves (you don’t want to get bruises/cuts while extracting the gel). 
    3. Once step 2 above is done, cut the leaves into two for easier removal of the top part of the leave. 
    4. Keenly peel off the upper layer of the leaf to expose the middle fleshy part that contains the gel/juice. You’ll need a knife to do this. 
    5. Repeat step 4 with all the leaf cuttings. Now we’re ready to start off the gel /juice extraction process. 
    6. Using your clean spoon; scoop the fleshy middle part of the leaf,careful not to include the green lower part while at it, and placing them in a separate clean bowl. Do this till you’re done with all the leaf cuttings. 
    7. Take the product you got in step 6 above and place them in a blender and carefully  blend them to the gel/juice
    8. Pour the product resulting from the blending in a plastic cup and let the bubbles settle (when blending you’ll notice the bubbles, don’t fret).
    9. Your aloe vera leaf juice/gel is ready for use. 

        Remember to store it in an air tight container and put it in the fridge for it to last longer (mine’s three weeks old today) 

        NB: I couldn’t take photos of the whole process as we were scheduled for an outage the day I did this and thus my phone went off before I could capture all the steps in pictures. 

        Important to note:

        • I had two types of aloe leaves; one that gives the juice and the other one gel (see photos below to get the drift). 
          This is the one that gave me juice. Notice how longer and thinner it is. Has no slime. Not sticky. Very juicy.

          This thicker one is good for the gel and even more slimy  compared to the previous one. It has more flesh as well. 
        • If you do not have a blender, you can use pestle and mortar to crush the aloe flesh and then sieve out the juice /gel(takes longer though. Patience needed in this one). 
        • The leaves I had gave me about 50mls of my gel and juice. 
        • I added the mixture of gel and juice to my DIY deep conditioner on my wash day and I experienced slip for daaays! 
        • The other thing I did with the products I made was add them to my leave in conditioner that also doubles as a detangler to keep stubborn tangles at bay. 
        • Finally, I put the remaining product in my spray bottle that has water and glycerine for my daily moisturizing needs. 

        Remember the aloe leaf juice and gel have countless benefits to the hair and skin so don’t be afraid to google some of those uses and maybe try them. 

        I hope this post has been insightful enough. Let me know how you use the aloe vera gel and juice in your natural hair journey in the comments section below. 

        Thank you for stopping by! 

        For more of this, check out my instagram page @azhic_ where I document my hair journey in pictures. 

        Till we meet next time, loves, remember to always give your mane some TLC😊

        So long!


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