Relax, He’s got you covered 

He will supply for all your needs (Philippians 4:19)

Hello everyone. Feels good to be back again. Sending tons of love and positivity your way. A few weeks ago I started a series dubbed ‘tales of my 20’ on my instagram page with the sole purpose of sharing my journey thus far and I’ve decided to document part of it  here so to take care of the audience that isn’t connected with me on the gram. There’s a lot I’d love to open up about and that I do not want to let the cat out of the bag yet, I thought I’d leave a littu something for y’all here as I prepare to make the big announcement. Soon. 

So this one evening earlier in the year, my Monday evening solo coffee date and blogging rendezvous took me to Leaf & Bean, Parklands. It had been a while since I checked in to a coffee house especially after my coffee making skills started cooperating (Watch out for Azhic’s coffee booth. I kid you not). And that I had read several amazing reviews about this restaurant, treating my taste buds to the coffee and pastries they had to offer as I wrote and read the evening away was long overdue.  

As I walked in, I Was met with this man about the age of my father spotting something resembling a Canali designer suit or one of those expensive Italian suits, a Brioni maybe (IDK), some kick ass shoes, and equally fresh professionally done haircut to complete the whole  look a few metres from the entrance. Let’s call him Paul. He was on phone talking to his child, I supposed. From a distance I could spot his table with a cup of tea, some sort of an accompaniment and a laptop to the side.


“Remember what I told you, son. You’ll be just fine. Tomorrow your paths will be clear again and you’ll get your smile back. Chin up. And oh, Philippians 4:19. See ya!” He said as he hang up. 

This father-son conversation really lit up my evening. I could only imagine how tight a bond there was between those two. And yes, I had to slow down to eavesdrop on that talk in pretence of looking for a perfect place to sit,not cause I’m nosy but because something about folks who are so concerned about their kids sets my soul on wild fire. Methinks we all need parents like that.

It’s not everyday that you come across this kind of dads. Think those dads with only a single child that they love with every part of them. Those ones that father the microwave typa children. The fathers that give a listening ear to their children and engage them in talks instead of shutting them out.The fathers that make the Ephesians 5 kind of husbands who secure themselves  Proverbs 31 type of wives and together they sire children like Paul’s son. Read more about that here.

So now the Philippians 4:19 part of the conversation still stuck in my head even as I settled down to make my order and every part of me was itching to know what that verse of the Bible says. I reached for my phone inside the backpack carrying my laptop but instead I shoved out The Bible. 

What a perfect coincidence! Turns out I had mistaken the little Bible on my bedside table for my phone. A spiritual evening it was going to be for me. Thanks to the mood already set as I walked in. “He will supply for all your needs,”  read the Bible verse read thus bringing me back to the introductory part of this post. I kept staring at the Bible then Paul and then reread the verse again countless times. 

 Here’s the thing guys, No matter how hard life gets, it doesn’t matter how ugly things become. It won’t be long before the Lord supplies for ALL your NEEDS. Believe, honey, just believe. And keep praying. That’s all. 

Thirty minutes later, Paul walked past my table again, this time heading out. On seeing the Bible open in front of me, he stopped for a moment, stood next to me, then patting my shoulders he said, “Miss, and God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all you need, you will abound in every good.” 2nd Corinthians 9:8.

For a moment I was lost for words and silently smiled to God for having brought me here. This evening was one of those days I had completely lost hope in life and thought it was the end of me. But look at God! He brought forth  someone to give me a reason to hold on just a little longer. And I was definitely going to do that. 
Then before he left, he quoted Mandy Hale in The Single Woman saying; “There is never a moment when God is not in control. Relax! He’s got you covered.”

I must say Paul was heaven sent. I walked into Leaf & Bean with a heavy heart hoping to get rid of all that I had been bottling up inside with a cup of coffee (funny how I always crave coffee when things are going south) and the perfect ambience there was but he literally saved my day. Later I’d add  Mandy Hale’s, The Single Woman to my reads around late February and oh boy, deep inside my soul is happy and still; basking in the goodness of the book that has since become one of my favourites this year. You too should look for it. I promise it will be worth every penny. 

I have to stop here for tonight. 

Thank you for finding time, loves.

Till next post, bless! 


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