PARKER TURNS ONE: Happy Birthday To My Muse & First Pet

Happy April, folks. How’s the first quarter coming along on your side? I trust y’all are well and I’m thankful for your company for the eight months  I’ve been here. Many joyful returns, my people! 

 Well, In the next few days my baby will be turning one (she actually shares a birthday with my elder brother 😊) and I’m so excited and grateful for the one year I’ve had her around. A whole damn year, aye. Issa lifetime achievement! Who knew Azhic could pet a cat or better yet treat her like she’s the sister she couldn’t have.

First thing forward; for a long time, I’d always had the urge to get myself a pet that would stay back at home with me as a best friend since I’m an antisocial piece of human that would rather stay home sleeping than attend social events that I get invites to or go out with my friend(s). I really needed company; amazing animal company around the house, but what  animal was I going to keep in the first place? 

Just like me, she loves sleeping when alone. She’s six months old in this picture. And isn’t she beautiful?

Parker (the cat) first came into my life last April, six months after what seemed like a never ending argument with my mom about my decision to adopt a kitty. See, my mom hates cats and there was no way she was going to live with one under the same roof. Also, I couldn’t pet a dog because I wanted something I’d carry around and even sleep with sometimes; that’s just how much I am attached to cats, beautiful cats  like my Parker😊. 

So this one evening I came home to meows from my room and behold, the very person that hated cats had helped me adopt one. How cool! Y’all have no idea how joyous this made me. I even skipped dinner that night. Silly. But that is just me, the unexpected things make me feel so much happier like me meeting my kitty for the first time ever. The other reason I felt this good was because at least now mom would help take care of Parker on the days I’d be away in school thus I wouldn’t have to worry about her well-being. Finally, we got to meet and I named her  Parker (in memory of a cat character from one of my favorite childhood  reads).

Fav outdoors chill spot. She’s always here while I’m working on the laundry outside.  Such a priceless company, this one. 

The first two months were rough with everything falling out of place. No one prepares you for having a cat. It’s more like having a newborn. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new about the earthling.  I remember having a hard time adjusting to being around a third party and learning how best to treat her: what she’d eat, behavior change when sick and also making her feel free around me. It was sort of an orientation for the both of us, and I  loathed all of that. Impatience. 

In this period she was thin, unhealthy, had a long neck and extremely ugly big eyes. The owner must have been starving the poor animal. I longed for the day all the food I gave her would reward me with weight (ironic, coming from a foodie that eats for two but never crossed 50 kilos mark) and a happier cat. 

Yo, is food ready? Something about how she looks at me when I bring her food 😀.  She’s ten months here. 

But look! We’re twelve months today and it’s amazing. Days spent with Parker are lit! Literally.  The bond between us became stronger and everyone at home can’t imagine their days without Parker. On the days she’s gone looking for new friends in the neighbourhood it’s common to hear the phrase “Parker ako wapi?” around the house. She’s grown to become part of the family 

Home alone never felt so good 

Before Parker, staying home alone meant loneliness till evening. Everyone would complain how boring it got being all alone with no one around. The coming of Parker saw these bad days become something of the past. “Usijali, si Parker will be here,” says my little brother everytime he’s left home alone or when you tell him you’re going to be solo in house. It’s true, never a dull moment with Parker. Such a priceless company, that one. 

I know this post sounds weird to none cat lovers and most of y’all must be wondering why a sane human would be so into an animal that can’t even talk and even write a blog about it. I don’t understand either. I just feel at home around my cat. Her purrs have a way of breathing life into those dull lifeless days and one thing is for sure, I can never trade this cat for anything. Like I always tell my mom, “huyu hata majuu tutaenda tu naye.”

Here’s to #ParkerTurnsOne! 

Also, happy Birthday to my big brother and confidant. This post was supposed to be in celebration of his birthday but the introvert couldn’t let me put anything about him on the interwebs. 

Thank you for checking in, my loves.

Till I see you on these streets again next time, sending good vibes your way! I  love you 💞💞


3 thoughts on “PARKER TURNS ONE: Happy Birthday To My Muse & First Pet

    1. Thank you for dropping by, Denis. Parker recently gave birth to three beautiful Kitties. Once you’re ready to start living with a cat, just let me know. I wouldn’t mind giving up one for adoption. But you have to promise to treat it right.

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