Getting pregnant while still in school can be one very  traumatizing experience. Sometimes the pressure from different quarters is too much to weigh one down and even  plunge them into a deep sea of depression; all these result from the annoying labelling  that comes with the bulging of the tummy as a baby develops inside. 

Often, most girls are judged and looked down upon for the sole reason that they crossed boundaries and made a huge mistake of making babies out of wedlock. What most people fail to understand is that just like anyone, the girls that get paged before the society’s perceived ‘right time’, are human and they make mistakes once in a while.

But Empower Her Initiative, a community of young women who’s mantra is recognizing women as agents of social and economic change, is not like everyone else. They’ve taken the initiative of empowering young moms in the university and making them feel they aren’t outcasts  just cause motherhood knocked on their doors a little too early in life.

 This they’ve done by showing the ladies unconditional love and support  through organising student mom’s meet up; an event  for young moms to meet, bond, get tips on best parenting practices and learn more about being amazing moms, and still keep up with their lives as it were, yearly in Maseno University. 

This year’s event happened last Saturday (8th April, 2017) finding my schedule less busy and the fact that I’m passionate about women and children, got me itching to go bond with the young moms and even hold their little ones (which I didn’t. Flu happened 😢) the whole day. 

The day was amazing and  I had the best time of my twenty and wished the meet ups happened weekly. I mean, who wouldn’t love the company of amazing humans, good food and equally soothing music. And OH! adorable little cuties all over too 😊.

The energy and the love the young moms and Empower Her Initiative members   bear is comparable to nothing. It felt as though someone took all of us and placed in a closet then switched on a cheer and positivity  radiating machine all over the place. Good vibes galore. 

Pregnancy Is Not Sin

The first thing that comes to mind of most people on seeing a pregnant young lady is throwing shade. “How could she? Gah! I never knew she’d come to this,” you’ll hear them say. One will be called names and even abandoned by friends like was the case with one of the panelists. Such is life. But here’s the thing; pregnancy is not sin, fornication is, but our God forgives. It is only wise that the young women are made to feel at home and empowered to carry the pregnancy to term instead of being encouraged to terminate it. 

**The PC has been acting up lately & thus I couldn’t finish this write up on time and comprehensively. To compensate for the mishap though, I’ll do a comprehensive part two of this in the next post. **

I hope you enjoy reading this little  teaser plus below is  a sneak peek of what went down at the varsity boardroom back then, enjoy the photos.

Look at us! 😉
“Why are you looking away? Your eyes should be on me alone,” the baby seemed to be thinking out loud.
Upcoming dads were also well represented.
EHI founder, Buya & a friend, congratulating a mom to be.

Thank you for dropping by today again, my loves. Happy Easter to my Christian family. 

Till next post, spread the cheer and stay safe. 

Love & light! 💞💞

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