The Uncertainty of Life

The other day I passed out at a mall’s washroom in town. Well, let’s say I was lucky enough to have gained consciousness  before things went south because I was locked up inside one of the toilets and thus it would have been hard for someone to notice my almost lifeless body and save it. What followed was a series of pain and dizziness but since I have an  amazing bunch of friends I was able to make it to a place I recovered a little. This incident really  got me thinking hard on the evening of Easter Monday as I lay on my recovery bed. About life here and in the next world.

What  if I  die today and  the plans I have for myself and the world around me fail to push through? What happens when I’m unable to walk and talk again in a flash of a second? How’s life gonna be when the world  wakes up to news of my departure to the land of spirits?  People will mourn and as the African culture dictates, feast and send me back to the creator. Then after a day or two, I will  be in the past. They will forget about me and only bring back memories of my existence when someone randomly talks about me. I will be gone forever. 

When the day comes, I want to go a happy girl. I want my journey on these streets of the earth to be full of memories of beautiful happenings and people. I want to live life. To live as though there is no tomorrow (I dunno what the future holds). I don’t want to leave before most things in my life aren’t figured out yet. However not ready yet, I want to leave having lived, experienced and enjoyed life.  Here’s what I’m talking about, I only have this one life, and I want to make it a blissful one. You too should. Here’s how:

  1. Attend those dinner parties you get invites to. It’s not everyday this happens, why would you want to miss out on the fun of interacting with new people and creating networks. Go out there and wing it girl! Life’s for the living. 
  2. Treat yourself to amazing gifts and getaways once in a while. Be on your own and enjoy your company. The tranquillity resulting from this is life on its own. Also, your mind and soul will be grateful to you for treating them well. (introverts will relate to this more). 
  3. Pet that cat/dog you’ve been eyeing since time immemorial. Something about animal company for those days you can’t handle humans/when antisocial behaviour knocks at your door (Ladies, hello. This is for those days your aunty flow comes visiting). Sometimes, you miss out on life for fear of keeping the animals you love. So pet it! 
  4.  Ask that boy/girl you like in class out. ‘If you like it, crown it’, this popular tagline for one of local paint brands really works well here. If you like someone, let them know. Life’s too short to sit on your feelings for someone! 
  5. Reach out to your friends and get to know how they’re doing. Check on them regularly. Life can weigh them down and you never know how much impact your presence can bring. 
  6. Pursue those things you’re passionate about. Enough of bugging yourself with things that uninterest you. 
  7. Build your hobbies and make money out of it (so you’ll have something to show God when he asks about the talents he gave you). You only have this one life to work on them hobbies.
  8. Walk out on situations/people that make you feel lesser human.  
  9. Do you and let not anything/anyone curtail you from growing 
  10. Live! 

It has always been and it will continue  being about you. You’re only here once. So live it and love it. The uncertainty of life should scare you enough to start living today!

Thank you for dropping by, loves. 

Till next time, LIVE! 


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