Perks of Living in The Village 

You don’t know life until you have lived in the village. A typical Kenyan village. Where sunrise means getting the kitchen stool or otherwise referred to as mbero to go bathe in the goodness of the early morning sun’s vitamin D. This, is basically done to pass time as one awaits breakfast that will be served at 11am with stories as an accompaniment. Bread is a luxury here, only seen when important people visit or on occasions in-laws drop by. The tea/uji is to be sipped for the longest time as there will be no additional extra cup so the longer you have yours, the better. 

Kano No Lunch 

Some time ago while visiting a friend somewhere down the vast lands of Kano plains I noticed something rather strange.  Folks in shags don’t partake in lunch-that midday meal. Their lunch is served at four o’clock in the evening (Silent cries). So here I was trying to convince my rumbling tummy to behave because lunch was around the corner; 1330hrs, East African Time, but yo, woe unto me!  The wait lasted close to a whole day with no food in sight. 

Then came the 4pm bell- noises of karais as they’re being cleaned in preparation for cooking. The cleaning which involves slightly burning the cooking pan in fire then removing the burnt ugali remains using a spoon, marks a very important phase of cooking here. Once you hear this noise then you can start preparing the tummy for food. On this day, the ‘lunch’ was served at five o’clock. A delicious corn meal accompanied with an equally well prepared plate of omena. My friend tells me that here, the lunch menu consists of mainly omena. The place is around the lake so you know how they do!

Stay Woke 

By now, you already know that time is not an important  factor in these sides. So how about I don’t talk about the supper altogether? I slept, woke up and slept again only to be woken up at around eleven o’clock in the night for supper. That’s life in the village for you. I was surprised to see kids as young as three stay up till late because no one’s going to bed on an empty stomach. Also, sleeping early means having to miss out on that last meal of the day. Stay woke! Seemed to be the mantra here. 

But the kijiji life is bomb. It exposes you to so many things at a young age. Events. Experiences. Everything. Yes, it’s there that you become that grown ass thirty year old woman at only twelve. Have that one friend that’s a little bit too responsible/mature for their age? Ask them what their childhood memories are made of-the village. Surprisingly, laziness has no portion in the village. Or maybe it’s my mum who made me believe that because anytime I sleep till past eight she’s always on my case with the “enough of the village laziness in my house” rant. I still fail to understand why I’d be woken up at six o’clock in the morning to do nothing but sit in the kitchen, to be groomed for being a responsible young wife 😂. Thanks to this though, today I’m a morning person.

I’d still choose that life somehow. Because fruits (you’d collect me in the fields dying of over indulgence in all the goodies the trees bear) and that because it’s never that serious in the village. 

Have any amusing experiences of life in the village? Share them with me in the comments section. I’d love to hear how it’s been for you.

Thank you for finding time to visit today too, my loves. 

Love & Warmth, till next post 💞!


4 thoughts on “Perks of Living in The Village 

  1. In my village they walk around with pangas, it freaks me out but to them, a husband material finds no better definition than one holding a panga,it’s a sign of a hardworking person


    1. Lol, you’ll be a husband too, but unlike your predecessors, demystify that stereotype. I also get chills down my spine anytime I come across someone walking around with a machete.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol!
    You just mentioned ‘sunbathing’ in the mornings ,mainly during dry seasons,and forgot about the rainy season when you wake up so early , rush to find warmth at the fireplace ( almost everyone in the family) as you wait for breakfast haha…


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