CHURCHILL OKOTH: My Demeanour Sells Me Among Comrades

His entry into the runway during the Mr & Miss Maseno auditions last month saw comrades go wild in cheer as ‘Igwe’chants filled the room. It was with no doubt that he is a darling among the comrades, and by far one of the most preferred contestants in the competitive beauty pageant in Maseno University. We caught up with Churchill Okoth a few weeks ago and here’s what he had to say.  

Who is Churchill? 

I am Churchill Alphonse Marienya Okoth; a second year student in Maseno University, main campus, pursuing a Bachelors degree in Education & majoring in Biology and Agriculture. 

Away from the classroom, I am high fashion runway & beauty pageant male model who uses the runway to preach the melanin gospel. My black is a crown I never tire to wear. 

Where did it all begin? 

I’d always had a thing for modelling since I was a child but fear of the unknown held me back until this time around January, 2014 while undergoing a mentorship training  in Kisumu, that I took part in a little known pageantry and was 2nd Runners up Mr Life Skills, Kisumu City. This experience sorta opened my eyes as I became fashion and personal image conscious. It was time I came out of the cocoon and let my light shine. My love for the runway and African fashion finally found a garden to blossom and I’ve never looked back since then. 

How’s the journey been so far in the Mr & Miss Maseno Pageant training?

The past few weeks have been the most amazing so to speak. I’ve met and interacted with people I only got to see around school and some that I’d never met before until this event brought us together. The diversity that’s in the training ground has greatly  shaped my understanding of other people and their culture besides helping me develop social and interpersonal skills. However, the journey is not a walk in the park as it may appear. We go through rigorous training everyday and I appreciate it because nothing good comes on a silver platter. One’s gotta work. 

Why are you a darling among the comrades? 

I can’t quite fathom this but I believe my demeanour speaks volumes  &  thus selling  me among comrades! 

Suppose you’re  crowned Mr Maseno, what plans do you have in store? 

Well, there’s a lot cooking and if God willing the crown comes home then the institution can trust me to bring a myriad of goodies on board besides constantly putting it on the map both nationally and internationally 

Apart from Mr & Miss Maseno, what are other fashion events  have you been part of?

I participated in Design My Taste fashion event at Tom Mboya Labour College, Kisumu in April and recently in the Fashion Icons Tan event that took place at Kisumu Hotel. 

Many people only know you as a model, not everyone knows that you repair damaged phones.  Talk to us about that. 

 It’s true I do phone repairs –  I fix both software and hardware with a preference for hardware as that’s what I’m really good at. If you have any issues with your phone;  be it earpiece, mouth piece, phone dials and even screen problems, feel free to drop me a line. I’ll be glad to help. 

What can you say about your love for charity and mentorship?

I’m a strong believer that an empowered individual is a powerful individual. One shouldn’t hesitate to give hope to someone out there because sometimes that’s all they need to see another day. 

Through Vuka initiative, my friends and I do mentorship programmes in the slum sectors of Kisumu City. Also here in school, we have another initiative coined Weinaction that majorly deals with charity in and out of Maseno University. Through Weinaction too, we advocate for environmental conservation and at times bond with the young ones at the children’s home around. 

Any Other Talents? 

I’m a sports person and I play basketball for Pacho Basketball team in Kisumu. I’m also a designer. Yes, most of the African attires I don are my own designs for example the Asian Collar African Ankara, though I don’t do the actual stitching. I haven’t reached that point of designing clothes for other people yet but I can advise one on how to piece an outfit together.

Are you seeing someone? 

Yes, I’m off the market ladies! 

Future Aspirations? 
I’m looking forward to venturing into commercial modelling and starting my own clothing line once the time is ripe. Besides that, I want to use the runway to promote mentorship, charity and environmental conservation as these are what my heart beats for. 

Here at Gracie’s Little World of Bliss, we wish Churchill Okoth the best in his quest to become the next Mr Maseno.

Shine on Churchill! 


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