Momma; The Truest Girl Of My Heart

“But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story. Because hers is where yours begins.” – Mitch Albom 

I begin this blog post by quoting Mitch Albom as I wouldn’t be here had my mother not brought me forth into the world.  And also because  tomorrow is Mother’s Day! Happy dance everyone 😊😊! Well, I don’t know about you but  everything about Mother’s Day lifts up my spirits in ways I can’t pen down. Remember that twelve days of Christmas song? For me, it’s a twelve days of Mother’s Day kinda narrative. This day for me is like Christmas. Time to celebrate momma, the truest girl of my heart,  a little more than everyday. 

I might tell and show her how priceless a gift she is to me but no better way to do this than my ritual twelve days of Mother’s Day. Life has always found a way of getting into the way of our relationship. School. Work. Everything. So these select twelve days of May are special to me as they’re normally set aside for my mom. We call each other up anytime and catch up on stuff and all things girls. Eat lunch together (this only happens on weekends in the everyday life),  go shopping and cook as she tells me how annoying my cats are becoming. Later, we have that bestie talk while curled up under a tree as the boys are away. 

This year the ritual  isn’t going to happen though. I am still stuck in school and momma is away at work. So I’ll just pen a little something for her and all the mothers out in the world as we mark international Mother’s Day. 

Dear mom, 

 Thank you for always being there, for endlessly reminding me that I’m good enough, for carefully leading me down this road that’s adulthood, for loving me unconditionally even when I constantly become a pain in the a** , and for celebrating the little successes life has thrown my way with me. You are an amazing human and I am glad to have known and even being a mini you😊.  I love you!

 I know I tell you this often but hey, you’re a rare gem, mine. Let no one dim your light. Shine on mama. Here’s to us, and Happy times ahead together. I hope you feel so loved tomorrow and be reminded that  nobody is compared to you, in this life and even the next, albeit my absence.


Happy Mother’s Day to you too, my loves! I hope the mother figures in your lives feel appreciated more on this day. And to the mothers to-be and moms already out there, y’all are beautiful  humans with arguably the most warmest of hearts and strength incomparable. Sending tons of love your way.  

Love & light till next post! 💞💞


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