It’s Okay To Be An Oddball 

“Do not feel stupid if you don’t like what everyone pretends to love “- Emma Watson 

“But what happens when you’re thirty and still on your own? What will become of the life you’ve wanted to live all this time? What will you bring to the table when your Mr Right comes by? How even will you deal?” Tee’s questions came pouring. Because somehow she  thinks  her friend has developed that ‘bad’ behavior of not wanting to hangout with people or doing everything that all girls her age fancy.  And that she’s wasting away trying to be on her own. Doing stuff her way. Secluded.

“I am the table, Tee. And I’ll be just fine here, thanks,” Dee retorted.  For a girl that fears darkness and loathes crowds and new people, these are reasons enough for her to stay home, tucked in, anytime someone requests her to go chill with them. That many humans in a central place energy is just too heavy for her.  She’s different like that.  And it’s beautiful. She doesn’t care about being like her friends so to fit in. She doesn’t care who gets what and how. She’s just a girl lost in her little universe. Unperturbed. 

Look, it’s okay to be the odd one. To be that person that no one understands. To be that boy / girl in a world of their own world. Because we can never be our neighbors, literally,  however hard we try. And because diversity… Can you imagine how sullen the world would be if we all looked and acted like our friends? Their ways. Their takes about life. Their tastes and preferences. 

Honestly, I can’t bear the thought of how it’d feel like looking forward to meeting new ordinary  people. What would become of exploring and discovering new cultures? Think the nothingness that life would be. No way, I’d sign up for that crap. Not in this life or the next. 

So my dear, don’t feel left out for not digging what everyone else finds cool. Your cool isn’t theirs. See, I’ve not watched all these ‘wow’ movies/ TV shows  everyone talks about, never gone out on an expedition in the lake despite being born and raised around it, but mine still is a lit life. Because I adore my strange fetishes and I don’t mind being the eccentric one. 

Can’t whip up a good meal like your college best friend? Hang in there. It’s not a crime to be be different. Always remember that being true to yourself is all that matters right now. All the rest can wait. Gotta be careful not to lose on life anyway. You only live once, remember. 

Love the queer duck  that you are, honey.

Thank you for stopping by, my loves. 

I hope you enjoy being the freaks that y’all  are. 😊😊

Till next post, 

Love & warmth! 💞💞💞


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