Thank You

A year ago today I  made my maiden post on this platform. Prior to that, I was such a big head full of a myriad of ideas but afraid to put them down in prose; fear of rejection and I thought this baby would be taken away from me just like the first one by the so annoying hackers. But somehow I threw all that negativity out of the window  and voila! We’re one today.  Amazing how fast time really flies. 

Thank you for consistently reading me and pushing me to do better each time a new post is up. And to the times I’ve slacked a little and lost direction, went underground for a minute, you still chose to keep it here. I’m in awe of how loyal y’all have been to me.  You have been my greatest support system the entire past year, my loves. Richly fill your cups with all that’s good. 

Here’s to another year of supporting a girl some more, treading the roads less travelled, going the extra mile, writing often, wilder dreams and fun just like before. 

And here’s to us!

Thank you.
 Xoxo! 💞💞💞


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