One day even death will die 

Kisumu. Sunday. 1800hrs. The city roads are deserted save for the few cars that pass by as folks return home to rest and gather enough energy to face the new week. It has always been like this. The calm. And one can freely walk down from the lake into the city or do the opposite and head to the various joints around Nam Lolwe to watch the sun go down in an admirable big orange ball. I live for moments like this. 

Today we’re by the shores of Lake Victoria to get a glimpse of the picturesque sunset over the lake one more time. To reminisce. To pay homage to the place that once gave me love. To see the beauty that never fades, the goodness on the lake waters as the sun goes down. To mourn the loss of a gift of friendship so dear. To look for love the same place I lost it. To experience what it is like to be left all alone by the greatest cheerleaders there ever lived. In a world so cruel. Because death. 

See, here’s the thing about death. That thankless, selfish, good for nothing reaper. It stole from me at this very shores I sit this evening. All this time I’d been talking, smiling at a (detest using this term) corpse on the move. She laughed so hard you could hear it in the park several metres from where we sat. And took several beautiful pictures of us. We ate all we could that evening. Sang countless songs albeit our silly voices. Went on a short expedition in the lake on a boat. Little did I know that she was saying good bye. 

Cancer was finally devouring the remaining piece of her liver leaving her for the dead. And it came so unexpectedly. Bambie let out that shrill of happiness she always made whenever she was overly excited and in her gorgeous smile, basking in the alluring beauty of the evening sun, she went to be with the Lord. I’ve never felt so broken my whole life. 

We laid her to rest 90 days ago but the wounds still hurt so bad. I wish she’d stay  one more weekend. So we’d jam to Jon Bellion all night long. Paint the city blue like we always did.  And brew coffee at 4am while smiling at how good God has been to us over the years. Then laugh past all the problems life throws at us.

One day even death will die. 

Sleep well, my Bambie. 💔


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