DIY: Coffee toner 

If you’re my friend or somehow close to me or have lived with me at some point in life then you know that I really love coffee and that it’s one of the few drinks I really enjoy binge indulging in. In short, I looove coffee in all its forms and would do anything to have endless supply of the same my entire life 😊😊. “How come you’re into coffee this much?” You may ask. 

I grew up in a ranch owned by a Briton and the agricultural research foundation neighboring the farm house we lived had an extensive over 100 hectares coffee farm complete with a factory and a school. That’s where I went to elementary school. Everyday my brother and I would walk to school through the coffee plantation and we’d eat ripe coffee berries (lol, as gross as it may sound, I still munch on ripe berries to date. That sweetness is something I’ve never met anywhere 😂😂) and carry some for when boredom struck in class. 

All this while I had never tasted coffee or tea beverage, I was five. Reason? My mommy had this rule in her house that no kid below the age of six years should partake in any drink expect milk and porridge. That was it for us. Milk. Porridge. January through to December.

I yearned to have a taste of tea or maybe that coffee that dad loved so dearly. So when I turned six, all I wanted was a whole mug of coffee. This is when I saw the light because I don’t remember any day I ever took tea at home  after having me a mug of oh so glorious drink. It was love at first taste, literally. I remember those days when I’d perform well in class or excelled in anything at home, then mom and dad would gift me coffee. It’s all I ever wanted. Even to date, anybody gifting me a mug of coffee immediately gets a special place in my life complete with a comfy seat 😂😂😂. And I always insist on meeting people in coffee houses because with coffee around it’s never business as usual, a cup of coffee a day keeps this girl so jolly and conscious about everything . It’s my love for coffee that keeps me up at 1am, creating content, and living this life. 

So a few months ago, while having a chit chat with my favorite barista at the Java House, Kisumu. We talked about the endless possibilities that comes with coffee and how extra one can be with it. That birthed our coffee toner. And this  was so timely because I was trying come up with  an all organic regimen for my skin to completely keep my breakouts & flareups  at bay. This toner has really done me good that I no longer use the store bought ones anymore (sorry Nivea, I cheated on you with my DIY toner) .


A teaspoonful of Instant coffee 

Three drops Apple Cider Vinegar 

200mls Water


  1. Bring water to boil in a kettle.
  2. Add the coffee, I used my favourite instant coffee, Dormans (it’s such a cheap stake and you can find it in any supermarket around the country for less than ksh 500/ $5). to it till it all dissolves. 
  3. Add three drops of apple cider vinegar, I used the same one I use on my hair which is American Garden ACV (you can find it in Healthy U or Nakumatt stores for slightly more than 500 Bob for 250mls)  to the coffee you prepared in step 2 above and stir. 
  4. There, your toner is ready for use. 

    My skin is glowing ever since I discovered this toner and that makes me so happy. 

    Be sure to let me know how you find this toner once you try it, loves. I’d love to get your feedback. 

    PS :

    • I’m afraid I couldn’t add photos of the products I used in this post. This is because I wrote this in the office and I lost my phone earlier in week with all the pictures. I’ll, however, take new ones and incorporate them here. 
    • This toner may not work for everyone because we’re different and it hasn’t been tested on many people 😊 .

      That’s all I had for the DIY segment today. Have any Do It Yourself hacks you’d love to share with me? Please leave them in the comments section and I’ll sure try them out. 

      Happy holidays to you and those you love from me. And thank you so much for dropping by my blog today. If you loved what you read, give it a share and let your friends know about my work. 

      Till next post, love and sunshine! 




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