It’s a wrap: Highlights of my 2017

Woo-hoo! It’s the second last day and last Saturday of 2017, happy dance, everyone 💃💃. I am so overjoyed to pen this today; those of you that know me personally, can rightly guess that right now I’m laughing and smiling so hard at everything around me. Reasons: New Year’s is around the corner, I’m chilling with my favorite paternal cousin, Marie, by the shores of L. Victoria (y’all know just how much I love the tranquility of the Lake shores), this afternoon is also one of those weekends with endless supply of smoothies, plantains and rolex (a Ugandan snack consisting of eggs rolled in a chapati. This thing is so delicious, God!). There couldn’t be any better combo. Aside from the catching up and endless eating, we’re also meeting a friend who’s bringing us pictures and videos from the Lamu cultural festival Marie had  been part of earlier in the year. 

Who knew I’d get here considering the unpredictable ride the last 363 days have been. I have laughed, cried, failed, done things I didn’t think  I’d be able to do, spread cheer wherever I went, disappointed people here & there and most importantly, I  have lived this life. Looking back at 2017, I see so much to be grateful for and that’s what I’m  documenting in this post today. Enjoy…

On content creation and getting out of my comfort zone 

2017 has been such a great year for me writingwise. It’s this year that I got back to creating after a six months sabbatical. Transitioning from writing for a monthly publication to a weekly and still finding time for my blog  was one of the hardest things to do but look at me, I successfully wrote 20+ posts here and I’d go on were I not engrossed in these festivities the past three weeks. This year also saw me get out of my comfort zone and dedicate two hours of my morning reading time to writing my book. Hopefully, we’ll publish it before the end of 2018 so y’all can get a glimpse of what goes on in the pages of my heart. 

HuffPost and my being a student ambassador 

Something amazing happened mid this  year. I was fortunate enough to be  selected to join the Huffington Post  Editor-at-Large program. I’ve always dreamt of working with one of these reputable media organisations in the world and that prayer got answered through HuffPost. Look at God! This opportunity was such a plus for me and my brand considering now my work gets a wider and more diverse readership on Huffpost. The feedback on the same has been overwhelming and I couldn’t be more grateful to you for believing in me and reading my work and even going the extra mile to invite your friends to my blog. Thank you.

You can now explore more of me and catch up with my compelling stories about East Africa here.

Guess who’s 50+ kilos now..yaay!! 

First of all, nothing’s as draining and mind boggling as battling weight issues. And please, can we leave this body shaming nonsense behind this year? It’s not cool. As most of y’all know I’ve been struggling to add a little bit more flesh to my 5’5 skinny frame. I’ve actually spent the whole of 2015/16/17 doing that. I’m so happy that I eventually added a few more kilos this December  and now I’m off the below fifty mark (shakes my non-existent fat butt). What’s more to this.. Clearer skin, and healthier fro (thank you sky gods)!! Something this experience has taught me; all bodies are beautiful and it’s okay to cut off the people rubbing in your weight struggles to make you feel bad about yourself. Chuck them out! Ain’t no one got time and energy for negativity. 

Hey soul sister…

Another amazing thing that happened towards the end of this year was- reuniting (virtually) with one of my really good friends from highschool. Picture those friends that make you laugh and take your spirits to a high when you see them typing a message on your WhatsApp and you just can’t get enough of them. Those friends that you relate to on so many levels. Oh, that friend that makes you feel good about your work. Talah is that friend. When I published this, most of you asked to see more of her on the blog because just like me, you felt she was too good. Good news is, the two of us will be working jointly on amazing projects next year, on another platform, and that’s definitely something to look forward to. 

Also, Talah is one of those writers to look out for in 2018. 

Thank you for making the last months of my 2017 full of cheer, your heart is way too big for your body 💛.

Grandma’s, Bambie’s untimely demises & fickleness of life 

Have to be the most heartbreaking events of the year. I lost two people I hold so dear to my heart to road carnage and monstrous cancer respectively on the same day and month. My heart breaks a little every time our memories cross my mind. How I didn’t lose it all still evades me. One day, by His grace, I will find the right words to talk about these. 

For now, Its my prayer that my two loves are finding rest at the feet of God and are happy. Your souls rest in perfect peace ❤❤.

This stunning Kericho evening sky is a depiction of how beautiful my 2017 has been.

Thank you so so much for finding time to drop by blog today too and supporting my work throughout the year. Be safe. Spread cheer everywhere you go. Check on the happiness of your friends. Hug your folks, and siblings a little more tightly and remind them just how much you love them. See you, next year, God willing. 

Sending you tons of love, sunshine and everything nice  💛☀.

Till the next post, 

Happy New Year!!! 


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