Easter gift ideas for kids 

Last weekend my eleven year old brother came home with two assignments; to make a creative Easter gift for his best friend and make something he’d love to be gifted during Easter. Being an impulse gifts buyer, I found this assignment rather difficult as I wouldn’t pop in any store,  pick a gift, wrap it and  give it to him once Easter knocks like I’ve always done.

After a whole week of thinking, trying out various crafts and of course sourcing help from early years teachers, I came up with a list that will save your day  as you look forward to gifting your little ones this season and help you save on those few coins because these ideas are very cost effective and really  beautiful as well. 

Creative Easter basket 
My little brother and I opted for this as his choice of a gift for his best friend. Basically we added a twist to our regular Easter basket by incorporating his bestie’s favorite toys, a ‘Captain America’ themed tee and a personalised seasons greetings card that we made at home then wrapped all of that together in a beautiful gift bag ready for delivery. We hope he’ll like it as soon as it gets to him. 

Custom printed mugs/party cups 
You can have one of your kitchen mugs/party cups  printed with bunny ears. This can be substituted with your baby’s favorite cartoon character or their own pictures. The mugs and party cups can be used to collect Easter eggs or even daily at home for snacking and breakfast needs. Your baby will definitely love this. 

Letters of the alphabet themed cookies
You could choose to play around with dough at home and bake letters of the alphabet themed cookies for your LOs as they host their friends at home. Not only will this reinforce that which they’ve been taught in school but also excite them. Watched my niece really enjoy chowing down these kinda cookies last month and it was beautiful how together with her friends, they competed on who will eat more letters than the other. What’s more, you make me these from the comfort of your kitchen.

Image; courtesy

DIY king/queen crowns
Think a little out of the box this Easter and make your kids king/queen crowns to remind them they’re daughters and sons of the king. These crowns help boost a child’s esteem as it makes them view themselves as royals. Another good thing about them is that, they can suit various occasions in school and at home and last for quite sometime when you use durable material. You can add more oomph to them by painting them in your baby’s favorite color and incorporate accessories on them as well (I can’t wait to make this for my brother’s 12th birthday BTW).

DIY headbands and flower clips for the girls 
Your LO prolly has too many headbands and clips for her hair. Customizing the headbands can be an idea for breaking monotony of the oh so obvious and ordinary hair accessories. Make flower-like details using old Ankara pieces and sew them on the headbands to make those kids hair accessories a little edgy. The flower-like detail can also be sewn onto their hair clips to make them more beautiful. 

Edible Easter basket 
Instead of the normal Easter basket, how about you bake a basket-like cake complete with Easter eggs by the side. Yes, this is such a plus especially if your baby has a sweet tooth. You’ll make their weekend by gifting them an edible Easter basket that will not only be pleasing to the eye but also yummy for the tummy.

Image; courtesy


Fairy tale umbrella/backpack
Maybe you’re unable to find time to create something for your baby, buying them a backpack with their favorite cartoon characters and fairies will go a long way in making them happy. You could also buy them an umbrella of the same kind to help them slay this cold weather in style 😉.

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. Let me know, in the comments sections, what you’d love to try and maybe show me the results as well. 

Till my next post, have a fulfilling Easter.


Bless 💞💞.


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