Own My Own Movement

My voice is my forte

​My name is Linda Korir. Growing up, I felt there was something wrong and during puberty I was certain that I was different as it took time for me to develop  lady like features. On thing was constant; I had a deep voice, something the boys admired. In upper primary nicknames like mama base, semenya  cropped up and I felt so sad  and hurt that I had to be so different from other girls. I was a very shy girl growing up and  in turn secluded myself from my mates.

 In highschool life was a bit different. Girls were actually afraid of me and I commanded authority and respect with my voice  and  got it. I remember  one time my Biology teacher said that  my oestrogen hormone has been supressed by tetosterone, the whole class laughed and surprisingly I didn’t  feel hurt. My voice was now a big deal. I was a leader and teachers and boys didn’t try messing with me. I built my confidence and after some time  girls started approaching me as they were certain I was gay. I loathed that I was like a boy to them. With time I learnt to appreciate  who I was and what I had. I loved my self some more and my voice even more. I spoke more and learnt I was born a leader. I was fortunate to serve as the captain of my school and has since then been able to hold other positions in my county and I thank God for my voice right now. 

The labelling and funny looks are still there but God’s grace has been sufficient to me. I can do a lot with my voice. I MC, give talks and am also working on voice Overs. My voice is one thing I call a blessing, it has enabled me get  opportunities I would never have gotten .These days I walk and speak confidently as though I own the world and I’m now emotionally intelligent. I don’t feel sorry for how I speak  and I don’t get furious when people talk of how I speak behind my back. Give yourself  permission to love yourself and feel good about who you are, no one chooses where he or she is born, how we look and the physical features we have but we have to make merry with where life plants us.THERE IS HOPE, LOVE YOU!

This short story is among the many I’ll be running in the next few weeks in the spirit of ‘Own My Own Movement’,  a platform that gives audience to people to share their experiences battling low self esteem.
For more information, contact the Own My Own Movement on Facebook and Twitter. 


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