Own My Own Movement

Ngartia: Stay away from negative energy 

​My name is Ngatia and this is part of my story

It all started when I joined high school. My performance academically just dropped for with no explanations. I had been a top performer back in primary school so I din’t know what happened to me. I recorded poor performance though my weakest areas were Sciences. I tried my best but it was not good enough. At that time I needed a lot of encouragement and someone to stand with me, the biggest blow came from closer home, someone very close to me told me I was just joking around instead of studying. That was probably the last nail on my academic coffin. 

 The last thing I needed was for someone to bash me. I lost self worth, didn’t see the need for education. I went into a spiral both academic and discipline wise. Occassionally I would get into trouble even at home. I just got reckless, carefree and didn’t  care much about myself anymore. I started hanging out with all the wrong crowds and that did earn me a number of suspensions and one expulsion from school. I moved to another school. 

Out of sheer luck though,  I met a friend who was in guidance and counselling club.  Initially I was joining to secure a spot in the various trips ( read funkiez). Eventually my friend started calling me to speak to my juniors( Form two’s and ones). It din’t take long for me to start sharing with other peer educators and support started flowing in. I believe in the power of sharing with people of positive mind. Eventually our patron also took the initiative of reaching out and in about a term or so I could see change. I started engaging in school debates and a bit of games and sports. I have had to choose my friends very carefully, and I advice that you stay away from people with negativity especially about you as a person. In my opinion when the self esteem issues start cropping up, surround yourself with people full of positive thinking and ideas. I am still in the journey to rebuilding my self esteem, am glad I have supportive parents and friends and am always happy when I help those in need because we are in this journey together.


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