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That was you, God

​ I wouldn’t say God makes mistakes cause he doesn’t everything he is very intentional with what he does. This is my story. 

I’m writing this to show you how God fights our battles once we trust him with our lives and put him first over everything. God is real I see him in everything and thus far He has truly shown me that He is in charge of my life and has greater plans ahead of me. He is ever faithful and His Grace wins every time.

My parents were not well of in that paying fees was even a problem I remember in Primary school how my sibling and I used to be sent home for fees  really often but this God is too big and too good. I couldn’t afford to be in a private school at that time but my uncle had a private school in Nyahururu and he volunteered to take me in. I didn’t pay a single cent for fees and my mum only catered for the shopping and pocket money. I finished primary smoothly and was really grateful.
I got to highschool. Getting into form one needed a lot of money and my mum didn’t have that kind of cash to cater for my expenses but that didn’t mean God was through with me. My aunty came through for me; catered for everything and I was ready to join high school. I’d have huge fee balances that saw me in and out of school for weeks. Mommy would chip in a bit making sure aunty  paid what she had and the struggle continued till I cleared form 4 and at that level is when my relationship with God grew deep because His grace was ever sufficient in my life despite the difficulties
My mum and dad separated when I was in Form 1 in 2012  and that really affected us because he stopped providing for us so my mum was entirely the bread winner. My dad was very violent towards my mum. After some time shit hit the fan and she couldn’t take it anymore. We packed and left, the three of us.
Fast forward to clearing school and KCSE results came out; I had performed do well but still couldn’t making to campus in government sponsorship. Mommy had to dig deep into her pockets for me to secure an admission to the university. I used to admire students in University and really wanted to reach there someday but it never clicked my mind that I would land myself in JKUAT. I vividly remember the first day I didn’t have the full amount to be admitted my mum had only paid 10,000 Kenyan shillings. But He is our father and there is nothing He can’t do for His children. He protects His own, He provides, He is God over everything. My aunt sent the other balance and pap I got admitted. It’s then that I was assured that God is with me through this journey
I am currently in JKUAT in my last semester. It has not been easy but God has showed up for me kama nimefika University then anyone can. It just takes faith and putting God first and  also playing your part. My other sibling is graduating this year, see God. See his doings! Jesus is the answer to all your troubles. He has never let me down never ever that’s because I choose to trust in him choose to worship him all the days of my life I will finish by saying Wema wake hauna kipimo
Jane* (not her real name) is a student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology.


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