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Lulu: On why you shouldn’t give up on your ambitions 

​Lets talk about the aspect of ‘trying just one more time,’ shall we? 
Often a times we may give up on our ambitions before we even begin. Sometimes we give up on the way and worst of it all, we give up when we’re just about to reach the finish line. 

I’m here to urge you to just try one more time… 

If it’s that dream course you’re doing and it seems harder than you thought,  try to give it one more shot. 

I don’t want this to sound so vague.. So I’ll give you a story of my struggles.. 

I finished my high school back in 2015.. 3 years ago, but tell you what? Up to now, I’ve never joined university.  Its not that I failed or something, I tend to think it’s destined this way for a reason.  As much as I believe in destiny and following dreams and the like, I’ve never sat down and waited for whatever am destined for come and get me at home!  I’ve been working my ass off just to make my dreams a reality.  The best part of this all is that I’ve been trying it just one more time. 

When my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education results were out, I had scored an impressive A-!  Unfortunately, when my fellow classmates were being placed to the university, I never got that chance because am a foreigner – a Sudanese –  and therefore not eligible to receive the governmental sponsorship for higher education. I never knew it worked that way for entry into university.  Doing it the self sponsored way was the only option by then.  My mom was very disappointed because she really wanted me to join school with my peers; she almost made me give up but hey, I didn’t.  Through Xavier project,  I learnt about Zawadi Africa,  an organization that connects girls who perform well to schools abroad.  I applied to Zawadi and was among the lucky cohort of girls to succeed to the finals; that’s in 2016. I dedicated my everything to Zawadi and applied to quite a lot of schools in the USA and Canada. I was more than certain I’d go to the USA come 2017 August. Shock on me though!!  I got admissions  into one one not two but more than 5 schools in the USA and one in Canada but none offered me full scholarship yet. 2017 is here… I was now hanging on the little hope left for me to join school -remember my peers are almost finishing their first years.  Meanwhile as I waited,  another opportunity came up for refugee students; they got sponsorship abroad.  I decided to try my luck on this one too though I wasn’t ready to wait for another whole year just to get a scholarship abroad!!!  So it dawned to me in around March 2017 that there was totally no ray of hope for me to study abroad!  I actually gave up for a moment till I got an admission to one of the best Universities in Ghana with MasterCard scholarship. Well.. Its what I was looking for right? Full scholarship and a school?  But i still felt  I needed more..  

As I was now preparing to leave for Ghana,  the refugee sponsorship I had applied for was successful and again I was lucky to be chosen from a pool of other brilliant refugees. 

I finally had two options to choose from. 

See, from wanting to give up to having two options!  This was one the toughest decisions of my life,  trust me, because I wanted to study abroad so badly that I could wait for another year.  So I declined the Ghanian offer and chose WUSC, which meant I’d stay for another year so as to go through their process. 

‘ Wasting two years?  Noo! ‘ Everyone felt this way.  

But I had to, It’s what I wanted anyway. 

I’m still here hoping to finally land in Canada this August and it’s the best feeling ever. 

So you see why am insisting on trying one more time? 

There is always something  meant for us.. And for it to happen, We gotta go for it: that’s how destiny works.. I think. 

So my message still remains,  try it just one more time


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