Own My Own Movement

Stand up for you ~Ian Joel

​I wish …I wish …I wish

Those are the words that run through peoples minds after an encounter they went through due to lack of strong will to stand firm on the right

My story might be common but the results are not. I had a privilege of going to a boarding highschool somewhere in Eldoret. As a rule, we all make close friends in school and I was able to meet my clique, though before i was settled on the kind of group I was in I had reached form 3. My so called squad. I never knew I was getting in a hole that would have a thin exit. One fateful Saturday we had attended a music concert at our sister school, that morning I never knew that it would be the day things will take a new turn in my life. As always we had the best teachers who always took as to the supermarket to get some snacks.That day was no different,we were dropped at Naivas Supermarket in Eldoret town but as always mischevious students will take a different route to do some illegal purchase.

 My friends suggested that we go and purchase some liquor which I had never tasted, I was curious to know how the trade works so I followed them. We went into some dark path and stopped, my friend who is familiar with the trade made a signal to a man. He came and they talked then he left. We were in uniform and so the man was to make the purchase as  we wait for him. The guy came back and gave my friend something I did not see and he hid it fast like it was a gun, I was used to a lot of movies and so it was just  like I was used to seeing it in the screens. But it could not be a gun because he stashed it in his sock. We left in a hurry back to the bus due to the time limit. I could not question what it was because as the rule states illegal is not discussed. As I was sitted in the bus back to school I had 2 different feelings, first I felt like a king, part of the gang, badboy, tespected by all, but on the other side I was scared if we were caught or seen. 

When we arrived at school our gang leader called us out to the toilet…It was the only safe place we knew… He lifted up his sock and boom😱 he pulled out rolls of weed, bhang. It was my first time to be so close to the drug. I literally felt like the baddest boy in town. We were to smoke in groups of 2…. my partner was experienced and so he began the chain. I watched keenly on how it went so that i could not ashame myself when my turn came.The first puff,second,third …And I chocked but the feeling of being part of the squad is all I wanted. It now became a norm until our friend set us up with the administration, the next thing I saw was myself infront of the school discplinary committee writing the whole story I have narrated up there. As we all understand there is always punishment to each crime and mine was a direct expulsion .

 I knew from that point my life was over.My dad the lion and my late mum(rest in peace), my laywer were going to skin me alive. When I got home this were my dad’s words as quoted “when you are ready to study you will talk to me,” those were the only words he gave to me for 6 months. My mum only shed tears😔… It was a shame, I could not even tell my friends, church and other family. I had broken everyones trust on me as the good boy they knew. The months were terrible at home and I opted for death severally, I wanted to get out of this world but I believe my purpose on this earth was not yet over.

 I was able to regain myself back and went back to school though it had affected my studies, but I strived to make a better me. I realized all this time it was my fault, and did not know what I wanted in life. I lacked a firm stand and I had issues with how my friends would look at me… I had been affected by low self esteem. Someone reading my story today might have the same encounter or knows a person who has had the same experience,they should not give up but open a new page and start a fresh. I am proud to say my new beginning placed me in the only university on the equator to pursue my dream career and I built my esteem by knowing what I wanted and decided to work on it rather than being carried around by the crowd. Its time to stand up on your own and build a bright future for yourself, I will use my friend’s words to encourage you that “Wewe ni wa baraka sana👊.”


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