Fun activities to engage your child during the holiday season

It’s that time of the year again. Jacaranda propaganda. Schools closing. Towns flooding with people. Homes beaming with happiness and noise. People like me can already smell Christmas from a distance. The kids are back home and this time for two whole months y’all!! Favorite time of year for me. I get to eat pasta everyday with my little brother and cats as we embark on our annual home project (up until now, we haven’t thought of what to do yet. But well hack it before the new week begins; we’re badass like that 😉). But what does this long holiday mean to parents? A cocktail of feelings if you ask me.



Just the other day I overheard one of our neighbors tell my mom how she’s planning to “kupeleka watoto ushago hadi Christmas ifike” because she’s busy at work the whole time and is afraid the babies might cause trouble when left on their own. She also hinted the fact that there’s not much fun activities for the kids to engage in while she’s away making that extra coin. I’ve also come across parents on my Facebook feed and WhatsApp groups asking what activities they can engage their children in during the holiday. These two instances inspired my post today.
I’ll take you through what to make your child busy with at home. The beauty of all that I’m going to talk about is the fact that they’re both educative and fun.
Come with me;


Home project
We’ve been doing this with my twelve year old brother since he was five. Every other time the school school closes we embark on doing something that’s related to the environment around home and in line with what he’s been learning in school. Home projects can range from; working on paintings of animals, infrastructure, people and plants around your child. Making 3D and 2D illustrations of the surrounding at home as well as drawing characters from your little one’s favorite storybook.
What I love most about home projects is the fact that they’re hands on and most of the time my brother is preoccupied away from the screens which is such a plus.
Another good thing about the home project is that you can use them to decorate your baby’s room and trust it to make him/her proud of his/her effort anytime she looks at it.


Play dates
Have one child and is worried they’ll be bored at home with the help when you’re away at work? How about you organise a play date with their friends to cheer them up? This can be done by letting your child’s friends come over to your house to play and your child going out the next time.


Kitchen gardening
Do you have a small space in the backyard lying idle? Make use of plastic containers by filling them with soil and then encourage your children to plant herbs and spices of their choice. I’ve seen plants such as mint leaves, coriander, parsley and even turmeric do very well in kitchen gardens. By watering and tending to the plants till they’re ready kids learn the art of patience and responsibility. Go ahead and give this a try.


Make it a habit for children to clean their own rooms when they’re home. This practice makes them busy as well as teaches them to be responsible members of the society.


Pastry making
Making pastries can be tedious because of time factor but you can use that to your advantage. When home during the weekend teach your kids simple pastry skills to keep them busy as well as make them enjoy being in the kitchen when still young.


Bike riding
Once in a while go bike riding with your little ones around the neighborhood. You gotta love the fun that comes with this. If you don’t know or like biking; go on a drive with the kids to the countryside and let them enjoy seeing trees running and birds chirping.


Above all else, remember the holiday season is a time for your child to take a break from books and just enjoy being a child. So let them have a time of their lives this season.


That’s all I had for today and tada…!! I am so glad to be back.


Look, I found happiness and can still write… That right there is God.


In case you need to add something to my list please do so in the comments section below.


See you in my next post,

Love and sunshine ❤❤.


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