Guest Post


​I look back at days

Days I made you smile

Days I would walk miles to see you

I still would 

Days filled with laughter 

Now fill me nothing but pain

We tilled a garden of roses

only for thorns to bloom

Distant memories of pain inflicted

I hold on to memoirs and gremoirs

Have you healed 

Were you ever hurt at all

Are there scars 

Marks of wars we fought

Days and night naught

Wounds of mine still fresh 

Wounded more to see your flesh with another 

My world taken from me

To wonder I have 

Did I ever have you 

Imagination and reality  

brewed in one pot

For my existence you know not
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Guest Post

I Love You

Hey loves, my apologies for being MIA for quite some time. Glad I’m back fully with a promise to write every fortnight (so help me God) now that responsibilities and studies are on hold till God knows when.
Anyway, a couple of months ago, someone made a promise to me that she’d do a guest post here on the blog and I’ve been waiting for so long in vain. But last night, I slept a happy girl.
Her: So bae, remember that our deal for writing you a piece sometime? For your blog that is. It’s my valentines special. Finally garnered some courage though I couldn’t find a way to write this in prose without blah! Blah! Blah!
Me: Hallelujah!….blah! blah! blah!…
She finally did it and I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys.

If I ever utter the words,
Forgive me,
My silly heart tends to be that way
That way that you never seem to like
See,it has a brain of its own
(yeah its smart that way)
A brain that makes the mouth say
Such stupendous
Horrendous-to-think-about stuff like those.
Too bad it couldn’t be stopped
From pulling one on you and I
I felt held by my noose
When the glands in my eyes could not be protected
From the puncture that was so raw
And the metal part all rusty but
Still sharp enough
To pierce through my tenderized emotions.
With you I’m never too sure what to expect
Spontaneity should be an attractive attribute
And it’s a good thing
Only sometimes.
If you ever felt the same,
I would never know
For you are not one to tell
Whether you enjoyed the snuggled talk
Or the moments before
When you would take off
The pretty things on me and
The not so pretty ones off too
Leaving me bare and scared but
Slowly you took me up in your arms
Told me things that I would almost think
Were really sweet but in reality though
Not much at all
The intimate whispers were just the right things
I would never fathom of this
Until much later in the night
When I’d catch on gradually
With the tiny cues you threw
I’d look at you sleeping yonder
Your mind lazed in a far-off stance
Realize and piece together that oh!
You really were thinking of someone else
While feeling the beat of your pounding me
So intimately.
My mouth would go forth out rightly so far as
To utter the stupid
Nincompoops’ dialect and incomprehensible things for your mop head.
Silly, silly heart
Don’t betray me yet,silly
While he still bids his time
I like to think his pounding feels good too.


Thank you for finding time to check in. Till next time!
Love & light. đź’•