Fun activities to engage your child during the holiday season

It’s that time of the year again. Jacaranda propaganda. Schools closing. Towns flooding with people. Homes beaming with happiness and noise. People like me can already smell Christmas from a distance. The kids are back home and this time for two whole months y’all!! Favorite time of year for me. I get to eat pasta everyday with my little brother and cats as we embark on our annual home project (up until now, we haven’t thought of what to do yet. But well hack it before the new week begins; we’re badass like that 😉). But what does this long holiday mean to parents? A cocktail of feelings if you ask me.



Just the other day I overheard one of our neighbors tell my mom how she’s planning to “kupeleka watoto ushago hadi Christmas ifike” because she’s busy at work the whole time and is afraid the babies might cause trouble when left on their own. She also hinted the fact that there’s not much fun activities for the kids to engage in while she’s away making that extra coin. I’ve also come across parents on my Facebook feed and WhatsApp groups asking what activities they can engage their children in during the holiday. These two instances inspired my post today.
I’ll take you through what to make your child busy with at home. The beauty of all that I’m going to talk about is the fact that they’re both educative and fun.
Come with me;


Home project
We’ve been doing this with my twelve year old brother since he was five. Every other time the school school closes we embark on doing something that’s related to the environment around home and in line with what he’s been learning in school. Home projects can range from; working on paintings of animals, infrastructure, people and plants around your child. Making 3D and 2D illustrations of the surrounding at home as well as drawing characters from your little one’s favorite storybook.
What I love most about home projects is the fact that they’re hands on and most of the time my brother is preoccupied away from the screens which is such a plus.
Another good thing about the home project is that you can use them to decorate your baby’s room and trust it to make him/her proud of his/her effort anytime she looks at it.


Play dates
Have one child and is worried they’ll be bored at home with the help when you’re away at work? How about you organise a play date with their friends to cheer them up? This can be done by letting your child’s friends come over to your house to play and your child going out the next time.


Kitchen gardening
Do you have a small space in the backyard lying idle? Make use of plastic containers by filling them with soil and then encourage your children to plant herbs and spices of their choice. I’ve seen plants such as mint leaves, coriander, parsley and even turmeric do very well in kitchen gardens. By watering and tending to the plants till they’re ready kids learn the art of patience and responsibility. Go ahead and give this a try.


Make it a habit for children to clean their own rooms when they’re home. This practice makes them busy as well as teaches them to be responsible members of the society.


Pastry making
Making pastries can be tedious because of time factor but you can use that to your advantage. When home during the weekend teach your kids simple pastry skills to keep them busy as well as make them enjoy being in the kitchen when still young.


Bike riding
Once in a while go bike riding with your little ones around the neighborhood. You gotta love the fun that comes with this. If you don’t know or like biking; go on a drive with the kids to the countryside and let them enjoy seeing trees running and birds chirping.


Above all else, remember the holiday season is a time for your child to take a break from books and just enjoy being a child. So let them have a time of their lives this season.


That’s all I had for today and tada…!! I am so glad to be back.


Look, I found happiness and can still write… That right there is God.


In case you need to add something to my list please do so in the comments section below.


See you in my next post,

Love and sunshine ❤❤.


Infused water recipe ideas 

​ I have never been a fan of drinking plain water, I find it boring and so so bland. Meh! The much of plain water I can drink in a day is a glass or two, this is despite living in an extremely hot town where temperatures range between 20°C and 31°C. “How do you survive?” You would ask. I’ve always binge indulged in juices and iced coffee that ended up leaving my tummy too full and in the long run disoriented my diet as I would skip dinner often after a whole day of filling my stomach with these liquids. The agony of skipping meals and channeling more money on coffee and juices led me to exploring flavored water but since I only enjoyed lemon flavor bit of the several I would buy, I gave up on this journey barely a month into it. 

Fast forward to January this year, while on my solo dates rendezvous, I came across infused water as the place I was sampling that day didn’t have mojitos on their menu. The only available options were rum, infused water  and sangria. I opted for infused water as I had never tried it before and that worked magic. Needless to say, my water intake has gone up to 3litres a day, thanks to this infusion idea. I came up with about eight infused water recipe ideas that last me a week with each day having its special serving and have eventually  seen me say bye to boring plain water. 

The trick lies in making them on Saturday/Sunday, let them infuse at room temperature for two hours then chill them in the fridge so they don’t go bad. If you don’t have a fridge, you can make them daily in the morning as you prepare for work/school and by the time you’re leaving the house for your errands it’ll be ready. 

Aside from the burst of flavors infused water has, it’s also healthy (because you use organic products in making them)  and also a cheaper option to help you drink more water. 

Ion: the quantities used in my recipes below serve six people (3litres) but I drink all of that alone for my hydration needs throughout the day. 


Mint ginger limeade 

This is my absolute favorite because I really love the flavors in the ingredients. Kwanza lime rind has this out of the world aroma  with a dash of tanginess that I totally enjoy. 

How beautiful is this lime?


  • 10 pieces of lime
  • 1 whole ginger (those ones that go for sh 20 ($0.20) a piece at city market) 
  • A bunch of mint leaves (you can adjust this according to your preference) 

Method 1

  1. Wash, and cut the lime into circular pieces and put them in your jar/mason jar/glass
  2. Wash, peel and slightly crush the ginger with a wooden spoon to release the flavours and add it to the lime in your jar/mason jar/glass
  3. Wash, and then slap the mint leaves between your palms once then add them to the mixture in your jar/mason jar/glass. (Slapping helps trigger release of flavors) 
  4. Add 3 litres water to all the ingredients in your jar. Give them a good shake then let it sit for two hours for the flavors to infuse. 
  5. Once this is done, proceed to put it in the fridge to cool then serve. 

NB: this mint ginger limeade has a tendency of making one lack sleep (at least it does this to me) and  as a result I’ll advice you don’t drink much of it at night. 

Ginger, lime, mint leaves.


Honey rosemary lemonade 

First of all I hate honey, I know I know, don’t give that look. And that’s why I add rosemary to this lemonade because its aroma has a way of fading the honey taste for me perfectly. Aside from that though this honey rosemary lemonade is excellent for curbing dry throat and coughs, So yaay! It’s been my holy grail this past week as I nursed terrible flu and throat infections.


  • 5 tablespoonfuls honey.
  • 1 teaspoonful dried rosemary (you could use fresh rosemary  leaves ).
  • 10 medium sized lemons. 


To make this lemonade, you’ll basically just repeat the steps you followed in method (1) above and when done sieve off the  dried Rosemary. 

It’s as easy as it appears. 


Cucumber basil  water 

I can’t begin talking about how much of a lazy day Wednesdays normally are for me. And as you can tell, that’s clearly evident in my choice of infused water because what is so tasking in chopping cucumbers and putting them in water? Anyway, this cucumber basil water is so refreshing and something you wouldn’t want to stop drinking once start. There are people, like my mom, who find this a little boring and as a result add a tad bit pineapple cuts to it. You too can. 


  • 5 large cucumbers 
  • 1 bunch basil leaves 
  • 1/4 pineapple (optional) 


  1. Wash and Thinly slice your cucumbers and put them in a jar. 
  2. Wash and slap the basil leaves between your palms and add them to the cucumber slices in the jar. 
  3. Add water, shake and let the flavors infuse for two hours. 
  4. Chill in the fridge and serve once cool.


Peppermint tea  honey limeade

Aside from hoarding foreign currencies and books, guess who loves impulse buying tea bags? Haha, you got me at that. And thank God for Kericho Gold range of flavored tea bags because now my options are limitless. Of all the flavors Kericho Gold has, Jasmine and Peppermint tea bags remain my favorite. This particular infused water also doubles as a beverage which is a plus for me because now I don’t have to worry about what to accompany my bitings when I go to school or once a while in the office. Such a  catch this one. I don’t know why it’s still not my favorite yet. 


  • 2 Kericho Gold peppermint tea bags
  • 5 tablespoonfuls organic honey
  • 10 medium sized limes


  1. Put warm water in a jug. 
  2. Wash and slice the limes in circles and add to the warm  water.
  3. Add tea bags to the lime and water mixture. 
  4. Pour honey on top of all the mixture and mix it till all the honey dissolves in water. 
  5. Put to rest for 2 hours so that all the flavors infuse in water. 
  6. Chill in the fridge and serve when cool.



Orange lemongrass water

Behold the queen of flavors meets a fruit I detest and birth an extraordinary burst of flavors! Don’t we all love the aroma of lemongrass? My love for lemongrass has seen me incorporate it in my breakfast tea/coffee every single day of the week. It’s never a dull drink with lemongrass  and that’s why I decided to add it to the orange water as I quite dont enjoy oranges. Folks here in Kisumu call lemongrass majand lum which loosely translates to grass tea. 


  • 2 leaves lemongrass
  • 3 large oranges


  1. Wash and slice your oranges and set them aside in a jug. 
  2. Carefully wash, cut, tie together and slightly beat the lemongrass with a wooden spoon to trigger release of flavors and add them to the orange slices in the hug. 
  3. Add watm water to the mix, stir and let it sit for two hours. 
  4. Chill in the fridge till cool and serve.


Glucose water 

Forget that Wednesday lazy day vibe, nothing matches the level of lazy I normally get on Saturdays. This glucose water is a creation of my mom that I’ve come to love over the years. There was this one time I was really hungry but because it was on a Saturday and no one wants to get up first so I decided to ignore the hunger until I couldn’t take it anymore. I started shaking, my whole body was in tremors, I couldn’t move or hold anything. I thought I was going to die. I called my mom and when she saw me, she quickly fixed glucose water and fed me that till I was stable. And from then on, I’ve always slept with a box of glucose or a bottle of glucose water by my bedside. This glucose water is also excellent for children. 


  • A box of glucose 
  • Water 


  1. Pour water in a jug. 
  2. Add the whole satchet of glucose to it and shake. 
  3. Serve. 


Rose petals pineapple water 

Earlier in the year, there’s an anonymous person that would leave roses on my desk in the morning and evenings. When the trend continued for  a fortnight and he couldn’t show up while this girl really loves Roses and everything that come out of them, I sought help from uncle Google on what I could make out of the roses apart from Rose water. That’s how I landed the rose petals pineapple water that  I really love. My absolute best remains yellow rose petals pineapple water. Yum!!! 


  • Rose petals 
  • 1/2 peeled pineapple 


  1. Carefully dice the pineapples and put them in a jug. 
  2. Add rose petals to the diced pineapples
  3. Pour water over the mixture and let it sit for two hours. 
  4. Chill in the fridge till cool and serve. 

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. I hope the recipe ideas will be of some help to you just like they have been to me. 

In case you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to get back to you. 

Also, now that you’re here, please follow the blog, if you haven’t, to get notifications anytime a new post is up. 
Till my next post, 
Keep warm.
Hugs, love and warmth 🌸💕


It’s a wrap: Highlights of my 2017

Woo-hoo! It’s the second last day and last Saturday of 2017, happy dance, everyone 💃💃. I am so overjoyed to pen this today; those of you that know me personally, can rightly guess that right now I’m laughing and smiling so hard at everything around me. Reasons: New Year’s is around the corner, I’m chilling with my favorite paternal cousin, Marie, by the shores of L. Victoria (y’all know just how much I love the tranquility of the Lake shores), this afternoon is also one of those weekends with endless supply of smoothies, plantains and rolex (a Ugandan snack consisting of eggs rolled in a chapati. This thing is so delicious, God!). There couldn’t be any better combo. Aside from the catching up and endless eating, we’re also meeting a friend who’s bringing us pictures and videos from the Lamu cultural festival Marie had  been part of earlier in the year. 

Who knew I’d get here considering the unpredictable ride the last 363 days have been. I have laughed, cried, failed, done things I didn’t think  I’d be able to do, spread cheer wherever I went, disappointed people here & there and most importantly, I  have lived this life. Looking back at 2017, I see so much to be grateful for and that’s what I’m  documenting in this post today. Enjoy…

On content creation and getting out of my comfort zone 

2017 has been such a great year for me writingwise. It’s this year that I got back to creating after a six months sabbatical. Transitioning from writing for a monthly publication to a weekly and still finding time for my blog  was one of the hardest things to do but look at me, I successfully wrote 20+ posts here and I’d go on were I not engrossed in these festivities the past three weeks. This year also saw me get out of my comfort zone and dedicate two hours of my morning reading time to writing my book. Hopefully, we’ll publish it before the end of 2018 so y’all can get a glimpse of what goes on in the pages of my heart. 

HuffPost and my being a student ambassador 

Something amazing happened mid this  year. I was fortunate enough to be  selected to join the Huffington Post  Editor-at-Large program. I’ve always dreamt of working with one of these reputable media organisations in the world and that prayer got answered through HuffPost. Look at God! This opportunity was such a plus for me and my brand considering now my work gets a wider and more diverse readership on Huffpost. The feedback on the same has been overwhelming and I couldn’t be more grateful to you for believing in me and reading my work and even going the extra mile to invite your friends to my blog. Thank you.

You can now explore more of me and catch up with my compelling stories about East Africa here.

Guess who’s 50+ kilos now..yaay!! 

First of all, nothing’s as draining and mind boggling as battling weight issues. And please, can we leave this body shaming nonsense behind this year? It’s not cool. As most of y’all know I’ve been struggling to add a little bit more flesh to my 5’5 skinny frame. I’ve actually spent the whole of 2015/16/17 doing that. I’m so happy that I eventually added a few more kilos this December  and now I’m off the below fifty mark (shakes my non-existent fat butt). What’s more to this.. Clearer skin, and healthier fro (thank you sky gods)!! Something this experience has taught me; all bodies are beautiful and it’s okay to cut off the people rubbing in your weight struggles to make you feel bad about yourself. Chuck them out! Ain’t no one got time and energy for negativity. 

Hey soul sister…

Another amazing thing that happened towards the end of this year was- reuniting (virtually) with one of my really good friends from highschool. Picture those friends that make you laugh and take your spirits to a high when you see them typing a message on your WhatsApp and you just can’t get enough of them. Those friends that you relate to on so many levels. Oh, that friend that makes you feel good about your work. Talah is that friend. When I published this, most of you asked to see more of her on the blog because just like me, you felt she was too good. Good news is, the two of us will be working jointly on amazing projects next year, on another platform, and that’s definitely something to look forward to. 

Also, Talah is one of those writers to look out for in 2018. 

Thank you for making the last months of my 2017 full of cheer, your heart is way too big for your body 💛.

Grandma’s, Bambie’s untimely demises & fickleness of life 

Have to be the most heartbreaking events of the year. I lost two people I hold so dear to my heart to road carnage and monstrous cancer respectively on the same day and month. My heart breaks a little every time our memories cross my mind. How I didn’t lose it all still evades me. One day, by His grace, I will find the right words to talk about these. 

For now, Its my prayer that my two loves are finding rest at the feet of God and are happy. Your souls rest in perfect peace ❤❤.

This stunning Kericho evening sky is a depiction of how beautiful my 2017 has been.

Thank you so so much for finding time to drop by blog today too and supporting my work throughout the year. Be safe. Spread cheer everywhere you go. Check on the happiness of your friends. Hug your folks, and siblings a little more tightly and remind them just how much you love them. See you, next year, God willing. 

Sending you tons of love, sunshine and everything nice  💛☀.

Till the next post, 

Happy New Year!!! 


Natalie Robi: On Female Genital Mutilation and why literacy help curb the vice

Twenty five and with a mission; to completely eradicate female genital mutilation in  her community as well other harmful cultural practices among them  early and forced marriages. Armed with advocacy and education as her primary tools for social change she hopes to advance the rights of women and girls in Kuria East, Migori County, Kenya. Meet Natalie Robi Tingo, an Anti FGM activist and an economist by profession. She is rekindling the dreams of girls who’ve run away from their homes to escape the cut, a cultural practice that has lived with her community since she was a young girl.

 “My involvement with the community and being really vocal about Female Genital Mutilation dates back to when I was nineteen, and still in college in 2011. It’s at this point that I finally got to know how dangerous FGM really was and the pain young girls endured while undergoing the cut.  I visited my former primary school and most girls my age and those I studied with had been married off immediately after the rite throwing their dreams out of the window. Angry and burning with urge to help the girl child, I gave activism a shot,” notes Natalie. Luckily for her, it’s also  at this time that  Kenya enacted The Anti FGM act. 

She started keeping girls in school ensuring they had sanitary towels for when menstruation knocks and basically encouraging them to stay in school. “I would sell some of my clothes to buy girls in my community  pads. All I wanted  was to be a big sister to the girls,” she adds.

She then came up with a grassroots based organization, Msichana Empowerment Kuria in 2013, to enable her push her agenda further and shed more light to the people in her community  on the dangers of FGM. This was birthed by the need to provide a safe haven for girls escaping the cut. The organization was registered in 2015 and the end of the same year  saw Natalie and her team of fifteen people at Msichana Empowerment Kuria  hold a fundraiser and use the proceeds to  establish their first ever community centre and library within a 100km radius. 

The facilities now support an after school program for more than 500 children aged between eight and thirteen every week. So far the after school  program is in its second year and they have managed to work with over  1,000 children. They have also supported other twenty two girls who were rescued from the cut. “Its with the recognition that illiteracy is one the major factors that largely contributes to the  continuation of the harmful cultural practice and low living standards, that we, Msichana Empowerment Kuria,  believe that literacy among our children and youth will bring  the cut to an end with our generation,” she says. 

At the community centre, there runs a program dubbed NAWEZA a Swahili word that loosely translates to ‘I can’ which is a year long skills based adolescent girls program that reinforces positive messages of self confidence. The program provides educational and recreational experiences through positive social interactions. “Our hope is that these amazing young girls will be inspired to be strong, have a positive self image and gain confidence in their every day lives,” explains the Moi University alumna. To ensure sustainable support of the girls beyond the project, Natalie and her team work with the girls’ parents as well. The community too isn’t left behind as community dialogues are held  every year in a bid to sensitize folks  on the harmful effects of the cut. This strategy has helped them reach more than 30,000 community members.  
The centre also redefines mentorship programs by providing a safe space for girls and their families to add their voices in the fight against the vice. 

Natalie’s love for the girl child has seen her run another project at a personal level known as ‘Saving Her Clitoris’. This she does through her  social media platforms and is solely an online venture. “I wanted to use my social media channels  to bring the conversations I have in the community to the online space, especially targeting the youth demographic. In order to kick out this vice, collective effort is needed,” she adds. The platform provides information, shares experiences and calls interested parties to action. Natalie hopes to share more information about the situation in The Gambia,Sierra Leone and even Somalia where female genital mutilation  is at more than 90% through ‘Saving Her Clitoris’.

Despite having broken the glass ceiling and continued fighting for girls through activism, it hasn’t been a smooth ride for Natalie. Growing up uncut in a community where female genital mutilation is held in high regard was tough. She speaks of being discriminated against for being odd and how she almost lost her life fighting female circumcision. “There has always been resentment and hostility from people who still cling onto this practice.” 
The fact that most of their operations depend on donations and volunteers has also seen them stall and even close down some programs because of lack of funds.

 She, however, appreciates the overwhelming support she gets from donors as almost half of what they do depend on them. They sell maize, beans, eggs and chicken to fund up to 30% of activities besideS partnering with the ANTI-FGM board and other local organizations like Nyanza Initiative for Girl Education and Empowerment (NIGEE) for more support. 

Her greatest highlight remains every moment girls tell her they did well in school because of a role she played, and that they do not want to be circumcised. She describes these moments as powerful. 

Natalie has shared her work as a keynote youth speaker at the closing ceremony of the Global Festival for Sustainable Development goals in Germany, awarded the International Women’s Day Leadership award by Barclays Bank-Kenya, Couture Magazine and Gogaga Experiential. She is also one the Vital Voices 2017/2018 Global fellows, a 9th EWHA Global Empowerment alumnus, and Ashoka American Express  emerging change maker 2016. Her work has also been featured on The Global Citizen twice.

What keeps her going? The fact that she hopes to see female genital mutilation end with her generation. 

Anyone is free to volunteer with them as they put up seasonal calls for volunteers for specific programs. More information about this can be found on their  website (www.msichanaempowermentkuria.co.ke) and social media platforms (Facebook: Msichana Empowerment Kuria, Instagram: Msichana Empowerment Kuria, and Twitter: @MsichanaKuria). One can donate both in kind and financially. 

“You are never too young to make a difference,whatever change means to you be that change,” she concludes. 

***BTW I made it to The Huffington Post Editor-at-Large programme earlier in the year and this article first appeared on my contributor platform at Huffpost. You can catch more of my work on that other side here: m.huffpost.com/us/author/grace-akinyi  ***


WhatsApp Groups: The good, the bad and the ugly 

There’s this new online texting trend that has me worried. You are most probably in five or more WhatsApp groups. A friend mentioned the other day that he is in many groups and talked about being in a Karatina University class group, the guy gets information on assignments, classes bouncing, exam dates and all the happenings in the school. I found this funny. My friend is in The University of Nairobi, my school. I, on the other hand, is a member of ten WhatsApp groups, and an admin in one.

WhatsApp is a blessing, say one of the best things to have happened in the recent and that is why when one’s phone breaks down or is stolen, they feel left out in all quarters. This is where you always get the much anticipated  “class imebounce” message from the class rep (guys this is not the names that they have on their birth certificates) and the hilarious comments about how someone hadn’t left their bed and how one was going back to sleep. This is also where you get the dreaded “lec ameingia ” message while you are still somewhere on Ngong road stuck in traffic. As though that’s not enough, there comes that “kuna cat sahi” message from the class ghosties on those days you don’t feel like attending any classes. Where else do you get the “nacollect assignment kesho” message (It’s always a ten printed pages document that gets people off guard)  from the class rep.  And the heated conversation that comes after that about how some individuals didn’t know that there was an assignment and how some are done and about how others will turn into nyctophiles- stay up all night copying and pasting answers from Uncle Google.

 Here’s where you get the new and  top trending memes and videos, each group always has that meme guy. You have not experienced Whatsapp groups enough if you haven’t come across that “Forwarded as received” long message that often bear sketchy warnings and are mostly sent in those family groups we have around. 

Class groups, assignment groups, job groups, family groups (Lord have mercy),squad groups (this is home, You can literally fart while here), the Alma mater groups, mchango groups and just the other day i read somewhere that there are estate groups  (new way to locate ones kids easily and the group admin is always mama Michelle). The list goes on.

Most individuals communicate via Whatsapp today. This is where first dates are planned, break ups declared and the fact that its way cheaper than phonecalls makes it even more convenient. Who wouldn’t  want a sample of someone’s work before they try their products and services? Thanks to WhatsApp status feature- we get to showcase our businesses, our moves and most of all flaunt the cocktails we are having on a Monday evening and the weekend getaways; road trip to Limuru with the squad.

One can never say enough about the convenience that comes with WhatsApp  but that is not what I’m supposed to talk about on today’s piece. For a long time I always knew or rather thought cyberbullying only took place on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Unfortunately, today this crop of people that thrive in venting their frustrations on others have found their way closer to us in form of WhatsApp groups. And it is so bad because unlike Facebook or Instagram, these bullies on WhatsApp are people well-known to us and even have our personal contact details. 

Unending battles

How do we communicate in these groups? Take a minute and think about the last time you suggested something with good intentions and then an individual or individuals out of nowhere responded to you very impolitely and rudely that you started wondering if you had a pending beef with them. So being the peaceful person that you are, you try explaining to them what you meant and that they probably got you wrong expecting them to see your point of view. Unfortunately, this brings bitter and bigger blows from the other side. You end up apologizing so to end the conversation, but no, they have more venom to throw, and they won’t just stop so you sit with your phone on your hands and wait for that never ending typing…,  as they try to prove their points in the worst ways possible.

Well, You are not the only one who has gone through this. Many people have been in this situation and since it has become a norm, no one really talks about it, we even glorify how certain individuals are savages and how we are always waiting for them to drop bombs in these groups.

Individuals who use “we”, you would think that other group members asked them to represent the whole group. Then there’s this more annoying lot that use emotional blackmail when they have been cornered and realize that they are on the wrong and end up apologising in sarcastic ways, “haha, so I am wrong, sorry then”.  Zero life skills.

There’s too much negative energy in these conversations that it gets uncomfortable as you go through the messages in your phone from your house, which brings me to the catalysts in the group. These are the individuals who give a two or three structured sentence followed by emojis like the fire one which literally fuels these individuals. They do that knowing that they are sitting on the fence and that no one will have anything against them. Others just read these messages and go to their inboxes to discuss and analyse the conversation. 

Few individuals will speak up and what happens to them is even worse than what happened to the individuals they are trying to back up. This is mainly why few individuals speak up.

You don’t have to respond to everything 

It’s time this trend stopped.  You don’t have to be impolite or rude to prove your point or speak your mind. It only shows how arrogant you are and also how bitter you are at life. Give a reply that you would utter and not feel any guilt or embarrassment. Read that message one more time before pressing the send button. We all have opinions and it is very okay to be opinionated, but let us do this in moderation. Remember that sometimes not all matters need responses. 

Invest in simple courtesy 

Most of these Whatsapp groups we have around are comprised of members that know each other at a personal level, who’ll meet often and exchange pleasantries, save for a few. Surprisingly, once disagreements check in, it’s like we stop knowing each other temporarily and air our dirty linen for everyone to see. It would be better if we settled scores one on one or via a phone call. Insulting people in Whatsapp groups in the name of needing explanations for some things is so rude and such people need to invest in simply courtesy. Call that person you are having differences with and talk things out over coffee. Enough of trolls.

Kind words cost nothing 

Negative thoughts and feelings eat you up bit by bit until nothing’s left of you. It makes people not to want to associate with you leave alone being friends with you. No man is an island, they said. Exhale negativity and focus on being the sunshine in people’s lives. Send people good vibes that they may long to have you around. Kind words cost nothing. 

Lefting never felt so good 

Imagine you’re carrying this heavy luggage on a hot sunny day and all you want is to get home, drop everything and just relax. To breath that heaviness away. Staying in a Whatsapp group where you keep throwing tantrums every now and then equates to carrying that luggage that you wish you could just drop but you can’t. And you still ask why everyone questions your behavior? Leave that group. It doesn’t do to keep annoying people all the time. Take your frustrations elsewhere. Find healing. And stop being on people’s cases, they’ll never be what you want. 

This piece was put together by the amazing Talah & I. 

Thank you so much for dropping by the blog today. 

Happy holidays 💞!


DIY: Coffee toner 

If you’re my friend or somehow close to me or have lived with me at some point in life then you know that I really love coffee and that it’s one of the few drinks I really enjoy binge indulging in. In short, I looove coffee in all its forms and would do anything to have endless supply of the same my entire life 😊😊. “How come you’re into coffee this much?” You may ask. 

I grew up in a ranch owned by a Briton and the agricultural research foundation neighboring the farm house we lived had an extensive over 100 hectares coffee farm complete with a factory and a school. That’s where I went to elementary school. Everyday my brother and I would walk to school through the coffee plantation and we’d eat ripe coffee berries (lol, as gross as it may sound, I still munch on ripe berries to date. That sweetness is something I’ve never met anywhere 😂😂) and carry some for when boredom struck in class. 

All this while I had never tasted coffee or tea beverage, I was five. Reason? My mommy had this rule in her house that no kid below the age of six years should partake in any drink expect milk and porridge. That was it for us. Milk. Porridge. January through to December.

I yearned to have a taste of tea or maybe that coffee that dad loved so dearly. So when I turned six, all I wanted was a whole mug of coffee. This is when I saw the light because I don’t remember any day I ever took tea at home  after having me a mug of oh so glorious drink. It was love at first taste, literally. I remember those days when I’d perform well in class or excelled in anything at home, then mom and dad would gift me coffee. It’s all I ever wanted. Even to date, anybody gifting me a mug of coffee immediately gets a special place in my life complete with a comfy seat 😂😂😂. And I always insist on meeting people in coffee houses because with coffee around it’s never business as usual, a cup of coffee a day keeps this girl so jolly and conscious about everything . It’s my love for coffee that keeps me up at 1am, creating content, and living this life. 

So a few months ago, while having a chit chat with my favorite barista at the Java House, Kisumu. We talked about the endless possibilities that comes with coffee and how extra one can be with it. That birthed our coffee toner. And this  was so timely because I was trying come up with  an all organic regimen for my skin to completely keep my breakouts & flareups  at bay. This toner has really done me good that I no longer use the store bought ones anymore (sorry Nivea, I cheated on you with my DIY toner) .


A teaspoonful of Instant coffee 

Three drops Apple Cider Vinegar 

200mls Water


  1. Bring water to boil in a kettle.
  2. Add the coffee, I used my favourite instant coffee, Dormans (it’s such a cheap stake and you can find it in any supermarket around the country for less than ksh 500/ $5). to it till it all dissolves. 
  3. Add three drops of apple cider vinegar, I used the same one I use on my hair which is American Garden ACV (you can find it in Healthy U or Nakumatt stores for slightly more than 500 Bob for 250mls)  to the coffee you prepared in step 2 above and stir. 
  4. There, your toner is ready for use. 

    My skin is glowing ever since I discovered this toner and that makes me so happy. 

    Be sure to let me know how you find this toner once you try it, loves. I’d love to get your feedback. 

    PS :

    • I’m afraid I couldn’t add photos of the products I used in this post. This is because I wrote this in the office and I lost my phone earlier in week with all the pictures. I’ll, however, take new ones and incorporate them here. 
    • This toner may not work for everyone because we’re different and it hasn’t been tested on many people 😊 .

      That’s all I had for the DIY segment today. Have any Do It Yourself hacks you’d love to share with me? Please leave them in the comments section and I’ll sure try them out. 

      Happy holidays to you and those you love from me. And thank you so much for dropping by my blog today. If you loved what you read, give it a share and let your friends know about my work. 

      Till next post, love and sunshine! 




        Do It Yourself: How I cured acne in a fortnight 

        ​For a better part of the second quarter the devil camped at my space in form of stubborn hormonal acne. The condition was so bad that I’d wake up to fresh painful breakouts each morning on my forehead. At first I thought that it was a signal that auntie flow was around the corner but when they couldn’t clear after a week, I started thinking otherwise. 

          I never really wanted to visit a dermatologist because I was positive they’d eventually clear on their own, and also because hospital visits depress me, literally. I ,therefore, resorted to styling my hair in bangs while going about my business without anyone noticing the visitors on my forehead as I waited for them to clear. This, however, came to an end one evening when my mom noticed how bad my face looked when I held my hair in a ponytail as I headed to the bathroom. 

          Thank heavens for this day because were it not for her I’d still be in bangs to date. Mommy introduced me to a DIY face mask that helped clear my acne in two weeks. I have never been happier. 

          And I’m gonna take you guys through a detailed step by step procedure of making the mask and I hope it makes you say goodbye to acne this festive season 😊.

          My magical honey Turmeric Face mask

          You’ll need:

          A teaspoonful of pure honey 

          A quarter teaspoonful turmeric powder 

          Three drops of coconut oil 

          A small bowl

          Two teaspoons (for scooping the turmeric powder and measuring honey) 

          I opted for Tropical Heat pure ground turmeric powder because when it comes to my skin and hair I always strive to use food grade products.

          Procedure (01)

          Put a quarter teaspoonful of turmeric in the bowl. I opted for Tropical Heat pure ground turmeric powder because when it comes to my skin and hair I always strive to use food grade products. (You can find this in any supermarket around the country) 

          A scoop of finely ground turmeric powder

          Add a teaspoonful of honey to your turmeric powder. I used American Green pure honey but you could use any other brand provided it’s pure and natural. 

          Add three drops of coconut oil to the turmeric powder and honey  already in the bowl and mix until all the products have blended really  well.

          Your turmeric face mask is ready for use. 

            Easy peasy, no? 

            How to use it 

            • Wash your face and dry it with a clean towel.
            • Apply the mask you made in procedure (01) above on your face, carefully paying attention to the affected areas. Be really generous with mask and let it cover your whole face (leaving out your eyes and lips of course 😂). 
            • Let it sit for 20mins then rinse it off with warm water. 
            • Thereafter moisturise your face. 

              I used this mask  thrice weekly for the period the acne was really bad and towards the end of the second week they began to clear. 

              I have, however, never worn makeup since the acne cleared because my facial skin is super sensitive and I haven’t quite figured out the right products for it. I have been using aloe vera gel as my moisturiser and this DIY toner instead and so far so good.

              I used American Green pure honey but you could use any other brand provided it’s pure and natural. 

              This  experience with acne opened my eyes to stuff I always overlooked that I later found out contributed largely to the acne thriving on my face:

              Unnecessary facial contact. I’ve learnt to keep my hands off my face to prevent transfer of germs to the face. I also try as much not to have that cheek to cheek contact while hugging people. 

              Cleaning  hair extensions. This basically entails soaking hair extensions in ACV and sun drying them before installation. This really helped especially because my hair is mostly in braids that fall on my face everytime. 

              To always carry a clean pillowcase while sleeping out. This particular practice is very vital because sharing pillowcases with people can be damaging to one’s face in terms of breakouts. 

              That’s all I had for today, loves. 

              Thank you for dropping by. 

              Love and sunshine, till next post.