Momma; The Truest Girl Of My Heart

“But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story. Because hers is where yours begins.” – Mitch Albom  Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! Happy dance everyone 😊😊! Well, I don’t know about you but  everything about Mother’s Day lifts up my spirits in ways I can’t pen down. Remember that twelve days of Christmas song? For me, it’s a twelve days of Mother’s Day kinda … Continue reading Momma; The Truest Girl Of My Heart

CHURCHILL OKOTH: My Demeanour Sells Me Among Comrades

His entry into the runway during the Mr & Miss Maseno auditions last month saw comrades go wild in cheer as ‘Igwe’chants filled the room. It was with no doubt that he is a darling among the comrades, and by far one of the most preferred contestants in the competitive beauty pageant in Maseno University. We caught up with Churchill Okoth a few weeks ago … Continue reading CHURCHILL OKOTH: My Demeanour Sells Me Among Comrades

Of Solitude, Cats & Life On The Fast Lane

Three large vanilla & sandalwood scented candles dimly light up the room. Elizabeth Adler, The House in Amalfi (2005), in my hand. Parker, now awake, gently purring on my laps making me feel all sorts of loved and wanted. My signature big mug of coffee is sitting idly on the  bedside table next to the candles. Then there’s me; in an oversized tee, multiculored fuzzy … Continue reading Of Solitude, Cats & Life On The Fast Lane

The Uncertainty of Life

What  if I  die today and  the plans I have for myself and the world around me fail to push through? What happens when I’m unable to walk and talk again in a flash of a second? How’s life gonna be when the world  wakes up to news of my departure to the land of spirits?  People will mourn and as the African culture dictates, feast and send me back to the creator. Then after a day or two, I will  be in the past. They will forget about me and only bring back memories of my existence when someone randomly talks about me. Continue reading The Uncertainty of Life


Getting pregnant while still in school can be one very  traumatizing experience. Sometimes the pressure from different quarters is too much to weigh one down and even  plunge them into a deep sea of depression; all these result from the annoying labelling  that comes with the bulging of the tummy as a baby develops inside.  Often, most girls are judged and looked down upon for … Continue reading DEMYSTIFYING STEREOTYPES-Young Motherhood 

PARKER TURNS ONE: Happy Birthday To My Muse & First Pet

Happy April, folks. How’s the first quarter coming along on your side? I trust y’all are well and I’m thankful for your company for the eight months  I’ve been here. Many joyful returns, my people!   Well, In the next few days my baby will be turning one (she actually shares a birthday with my elder brother 😊) and I’m so excited and grateful for the … Continue reading PARKER TURNS ONE: Happy Birthday To My Muse & First Pet

Let’s Talk: My Black Is Beauty 

Last weekend, Jaber Foundation in conjunction with Fashion Icons Tan organised an amazing meet up at LakeHub, Kisumu that aimed at bringing together young people in the city of Kisumu in a bid to encourage them  to embrace their melanin and wear it with grace and confidence. The event, My Black Is Beauty, attracted a good number of people and my friend and I were … Continue reading Let’s Talk: My Black Is Beauty 


​I look back at days Days I made you smile Days I would walk miles to see you I still would  Days filled with laughter  Now fill me nothing but pain We tilled a garden of roses only for thorns to bloom Distant memories of pain inflicted I hold on to memoirs and gremoirs Have you healed  Were you ever hurt at all Are there … Continue reading DAYS